May 2, 2008

I Dedicate this Poem to Nicole Paultre (Bell).

My blog is about art and artist's but this week my mind keeps returning to Nicole Paultre ( Bell ). People are angry, people are marching. They are thinking about Sean Bell and his friends, and our community and the damn cops but my heart just flops when I think of all that woman lost: how does your family fall apart to totally the DAY before it is supposed to come together? How do you deal with that? What is that supposed to mean? And then to add insult to injury...they just let the bastards go.

{Around the Way Girls' Radio Rose went OFF lol...I was so proud SEE HERE}

My hope is that her story really gains some meaning and really moves people to change.

To bring this back to art I wrote a poem way back when, I don't remember for what reason, but I'd love to give it some new meaning by dedicating it to Ms.( Bell ).

Understand? retitled Keep your Head Up
by Khia Jackson

You think I don’t understand the black man?
When pride opens wide my heart?
I share the breadth of his misery
I was there from the start

Trying to stomp both feet
Into the White House lawn
Cease fire! and admire
A storm negates the calm

He’s Out there doing it
Eldridge Cleaver and Langston Hughing it
Free Huey with dewey eyed anticipation
Africa! Righteous Power! Liberation!

Blackman came home drunk one night
I Looked into his soul
I knew he musta had a fight
His eyes were frozen cold

The Man knocked you down on you ass
Put your hands behind his back
As my blackman tasted asphault
All the Niggas looked and laughed...

Honestly tho, I'm so sick of wearing Black... Why don't they just leave us alone?


Rebel Chic designed by Tisha Brown said...

We're not suppose to spend money May 3rd in solidarity. Also they are planning random civil disobedience rallies throughout the city on Wed. when I catch wind on a location, I'll let you know. We gotta stand up for the cause!

Anonymous said...

Ay's marcus call me ltr at the office.

Mark said...

Nice, I forgot u used to write.