May 7, 2008

Fired Up Ready-to-Wear! : Streetwear Designers Get Political

I come across these tees when I'm working. From Obey to Freshjive Garment Designers are getting in the mix. Everyone is excited. Hey 'Lea-lee. I tried to be fair and find some Hillary tee's...but they only had the one. Ha ha!


AMitch said...

The best one of those is Senior Bush's... And I'll say this alone, Obama is to Mac what Hillary is to PC. And while you take that as a compliment I'll chuckle over here on my unfashionably boxy, substance-full workhorse PC, used by more businesses than Mac-users can ever hope to sit outside of singing Kumbayaa, munching on Kashi bars and picking mulch from their Jesus-slippers. Lol!

Khia_Rocks said...

LMAO! dayum! I mean I know I had it coming but you ripped me a new one huh?

So yeah on the Mac/PC thing, yes I'll take it as a compliment. Like Hillary PCs are the domain of the average and uneducated majority. Every trailer trash and ghetto school has one (just ONE) of those big-ass-button-atari throwback PCs with the brown gunk in the keys.

So while us APPLE users are picking up stock options and rocking Lupe on the latest podcast...Y'all PC users are sitting at home wading thru popups..

How ya like me now?

Jazmin said...

you know I don't give a shit about politics but I like that bottom tee. And the comment comparing Hilary & Obama to PC &

AMitch said...

LMAO! Aiight then Khia; remember you started this.

First off, I like that the first word of your actual rebuttal is an improper use of a preposition (Like) that a PC would've caught. It single-handedly deep sixes your "uneducated majority" comment.

Second, every "trailer trash and ghetto school" has one b/c PC-users, like the estimable Bill Gates, recognize that our future lies in the hands of the children Mac-users discount and so we share the wealth and pump money and resources back into disadvantaged communities, to try to generate real change rather than that flashy faddish teeny bop stuff y'all are pushing ("Ooh ooh, I copped that new Lupe track from iTunes, son!"). I mean, what better way to one day run the world than to train on the technology that the majority of the world is using?

So yes, go ahead and horde your stock options-- it's going to take y'all DECADES to come within even sniffing distance of PC wealth --and embrace Lupe. We've got Sean Carter, baby. We're good.


Khia_Rocks said...

Are we even talking about politics anymore?? lol. I got you on email tho.