Apr 28, 2008


I know i shouldnt be adding this to my blog, and i know that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas probrably set the black man back like 50 years, and that the treatment of women in the game is foul and I should be concerned that my play nephew owns the game etc etc...but damn all that–this game is HOT!! I'm a grown ass woman that loves playing open end, storyline, video games and GTA is the best one of its kind to date. It's so intricate, It took me 3 months( off and on ) and finally some cheating to get thru the last one...and GTA IV releases tommorrow! Sigh...too bad I still have a Playstation 2, I'm going to have to wink and shimmy at someone to get them to buy me PS3, but until then check out the line we just passed by tonite in Herald Square as they waited for the game to release It was like 10 pm, they don't release till tommorrow and people were camped out....those people were so hype and they were passing out bottles of water, i thought i was at a Limp Bizkit concert!( Ewww Limp Bizkit!).

Apr 26, 2008

The Monotracer-Dutch

You see where i'm going with this, don't you.

Mike Stimpson and the Land of LEGO's

UK based amateur photographer Mike Stimpson has recreated some of the most iconic photographs of the 20th Century using LEGO. Its hot, but kind of eerie: Just check out the happy smile of the lego man with the piece to his head.

Kenneth Cole and it's Global Image

I was walking down 45th? ave..who knows, i was on the phone so it stands to reason that by the time i was finished with the convo I had no idea where I had been or where I was going to. It was a few weeks ago, and came across this fashionable image of a young punjabi Indian for a Kenneth Cole ad. It's very cool that Kenneth Cole will use an image like this do redefine what is fashionable...so big props to the the marketing team over on Broadway!

Banlieue 13 , aka District B13 ( 2004)

While I'm still in the mind of the French and Amazing Acrobatics( see Junior>posted below). Let me post on this movie. It reached the U.S. in 2006?-07?, where Keith dragged a group of us to the Angelika to watch it, this movie is amazing if you haven't seen it...please do the physical chase scenes will make your eyes pop out of your head.
In 2010, the dangerous districts in the periphery of Paris are surrounded by walls, and the dwellers do not have school, hospital and even police in the area, which are ruled by drug lords. In the 13th District, Leito is a honest man that lives in a clean building and does not permit drug dealers nearby his neighborhood. When he destroys one million Euros in heroin of Taha Bemamud, the criminal abducts Leito's sister Lola and the corrupt police arrests Leito. Six months later, the tough and honest Capt. Damien Tomaso is assigned to find and deactivate a stolen bomb that might destroy the 13th District and the two million dwellers. Together with Leito, they have to face the gang of Taha and disclose a despicable secret behind the robbery of the bomb. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Junior aka Buana ( World's Best Breaker-France)

This guy is the sickest breaker I've seen to date. Junior AKA Buana competes professionally, so why is he so hard to find info on? I'm still on the lookout. I feel this man MUST get some worldwide play-he's just to talented for the French to keep him secret. And even more amazing is that if you look closely, you can tell he was born with a leg abnormality.

Apr 20, 2008

Lyrics that take you back...and forward

Skyscrapers is collosus, the cost of living
Is preposterous, stay alive, you play or die, no options
No batman and robin, can't tell between
The cops and the robbers, they both partners, they all heartless
With no conscience, back streets stay darkened
Where unbeliever hearts stay hardened
Mos Def in Blackstar "Respiration"

"I call these rappers baby seals, cause they club you to death
I could call 'em Navy SEALs, cause they government feds
What become of the vets? They drugged up, they fucked up, they in debt
There ain't no love and no respect, it's like a gang it's like a club or a set
Hip-Hop's the new WWF
What do you rap or do you wrestle? Niggaz love to forget"
Talib Kweli " Hostile Gospel " Pt.1

Apr 19, 2008

Karim Rashid- My Favorite Designer!

The egyptian/british designer who believes that good design should be for everyone; rich or poor. Instead of the mandatory bored-with-life facade of most artists, you almost always see him with a smile. He was smiling the day I saw him in New York at his studio party, I almost got a chance to poli with him, but I was railroaded by the hordes of galloping anorexic design groupies ( where do they hatch these women?!). I'll get to pic your brain one of these days, Karim!

The Vanglorious Rests in Peace ( XCLAN )

Professor X of XClan (the 90s militant rap group )has passed away of spinal menangitis in 2006 and I'm just hearing...dag this is hitting me harder than when I heard the crocodile hunter bit the dust( seriously that hurt!). This is one of my favorite rap groups of all time and completely underrated. I mean I guess you could only have ONE Public Enemy right? With only 2 c.d.'s released in the 90s they hit the streets and had everyone nodding their heads. Back then Cypress Hill, Public Enemy and Xclan held me down at that time as a youngin' when I was feeling little bit charged up. But rap in the 90s was a whole new breed. It was still about the art and it was just catching its edge. Don't sleep on them, they are still doing their thing {CLICK}.

Rest in Peace Professor X, I'm sure you're in the in the sky on the EastSide, Blackwards.

Xodus, X-Clan Lyrics:

Xodus, feel the vibes of the wrath of God!
Spoke the biological are God, one
Systematic terror, that's forever
Big Lord shredder, legendary weed getter
The dark president, the dark sun resident
Will give more reason to impeach a president
And all the puppets in the other square lay
Supporting three Ks and Amerikkka can wait
So now a brother bears fruits and herbs
Cause apples pie's toxic, it slurs my words
And how could I reach a Black nation?
The vibration, sensations, like that!
Is that a combat? And either pimp slap?
There's other missionaries who would have me off track
But heed is a lead is a positive sin
And you can't you can't stop me, so let's stop your grin

Apr 17, 2008

Stephen Marley's Mind Control

This C.D. was illegally burned and stolen from a wild jamaican after much bartering it made its way back from Atlanta to New York Carefully protected in the pages of Candace Bushnell's "Lipstick Jungle", it is now safely embedded in my Itunes. Usually I wait until i get really familiar with some music before basing my opinion. But I just can't wait. This man's voice scared me-this is the one, this is Bob revisited. Ziggy Marley was ( too me ) a commercial parody and a bit disappointing. I saw him live in Antigua as a kid and I remember sitting in the stands wishing I could go the hell home. But Stephen Marley and Damian"Jr. Gong", have been taking the world by storm and blazing on in their father's legacy with added style. Jr. Gong is easier on the average american and british mans palette, that's fine tho...his talent backs it up...But please don't sleep on Stephen...His voice will make you think Bob is alive and well ( and kinda into hip hop )Mind Control ( early 2007) is in stores now

Apr 14, 2008

Los Orishas!

I read about these guys in a Time ( Maybe Newseek?...whatever) Magazine Article. I couldn't find their music to buy, but on a trip to London, my homeboy had a burn, so I took it and since then I've been a fan. My favorite song to date is 357 with a tribute to Compay Segundo of the Buena Vista Social Club: R.I.P. Compay! ...but this is one of their most appealing videos.

Ahem, from Wikipedia: Orishas is a hip-hop group whose members had emigrated from Cuba. They were first called the “Amenaza” [1] meaning "menace" and appealed to the Cuban youth who were hungry for American pop culture which consisted of hip hop and rap. The Orishas delved into a realm of music in which they challenged “Castro’s ideal of a colorless society” and created a black identity that the younger generations could relate to. They tackled important and obvious issues that dark skinned Cubans faced everyday though the government refused to recognize. [2] Their music describes social problems on the peripheries of Havana which were largely a result of the end of Soviet subsidies to Cuba in the early 1990s.[3]

Talib in Nigeria

Soobax by K'naan

This is a scratchy you tube version( My bad) of one of my workout favorites. K'naan came to NY with Junior Gong and Stephen Marley. I caught him in the paper and have been following him ever since...He hails from Somalia, you can catch him on www.thedustyfoot.com. The lyrics to his refrain:

Dadkii waa dhibtee nagala soobax:
(Translation- you have exasperated the people so come out with it.)
Dhibkii waa batee nagla soobax:
(Translation - The troubles have increased so come out with it.)
Dhiigi waad qubtee nagala soobax:
(Translation- you've spilled the blood so that it drains on the Roads, so come out with it.)
Dhulkii waad gubtee nagala soobax:
(Translation-You've burnt the root of the earth, so come out with it.)

SEEED ( German Dance Hall)

This goes against my nature...cause I don't know what the hell they are saying. Well a little and im too tired to look it up. But On a trip to Germany...My cute hosts ( hey fellas) hipped me to this group. The sounds is hot, the look is different and it's about being global so take a look. They had this hot joint with Celo...if i can find the video I'll post it up: