May 14, 2008

Support Keith as he writes for At-Risk Youth!

One of my best friends in New York ( Keith Saunders ) is participating in New York Writers Coalition Write-a-Thon; writing his little heart out for at Risk Kids this Sat. May 17th. He'll be writing all day and trying to raise money for creative writing know the kind Bush put an end to. He is only trying to raise $250-short notice so if you have a dollar or a dime to spare you can donate here:

From the NYWC website:

“These programs are for at-risk youth, the homeless and formerly homeless, the formerly incarcerated, seniors, and many others that aren’t heard from often enough in our society. Last year, NYWC held more than 600 workshop sessions at 35 locations throughout NYC.”

I put $20 on it, Keithy-Keith!

for more information on the New York Writer’s Coalition, go to:

1 comment:

Keith said...

Wow...a donation AND a mention on your world famous bloggy-blog? That's a good look times 10. Thanks, Khia!