May 6, 2008

Anywhere Louie Vega is ( and Other Great Places to go Dancing)

Yesterday was Ladies Nite for me and my friends. Monday evenings after work are good to go to Giant Step parties @ the Hudson Hotel. I dragged my friends there to see Louie Vega of Masters at Work I had work to do but If I could dance for 3 hours and still manage get my project done it was worth it! It was free (meaning packed), only 3 of a group of 7 made it inside. Vega is a talent that I got sprung on when I saw him live at London's Jazz Cafe years and years ago. Louie was dj ing not performing this time, but it was still a good jam with a REAL cool crowd. With this crowd you can step on someone's toes and by the time you finish apologizing you have a new dance partner.

This post is to share with you my favorite NY dance spots and hopefully you guys can post or email good places to me too-I love to dance! I'd love to hear about your favorite place to get down even if you don't live in NY.

I've only been in New York a little more than 2 years but so far my favorites are:

Giant Step!: the only drawback is that the drink prices are insane $19 for a glass of wine. I still owe Tish back for a $9 heineken. A guy gave me a drink and my 2 friends and I shared it like communion ( hey, its a recession. lol!)

KeiStar Parties: Stevie Wonder or Prince vs. Michael Jackson). If you can catch one GO. The second to last Stevie party, Stevie Wonder himself showed up. India Arie was grooving at the last one I went to.

Bembe: Hot Brazilian, Afro House music-I've only been once but I LOVE this place!

APT: I went once with my girls on a Sat. I think. We sweat like crazy it was so fun! Only drawback is the downstairs dance area was small... and the d.j. was a lil iffy. the crowd was cool tho
{LION! nothing tops the Jazz Cafe show, Boy! When are you coming over??!}

I'm so sorry about my pics guys, I had a gang including one Vega posed for, but most are way too blurry. I really don't think i should be allowed to blog if i cant figure out a Nikon.


Mark said...

6'9" whatup Babygirl! Like the blog,yo. thats real. Places to dance in Cairo: Aubergine and La Bodega in Zamalek. The drums be calling your name!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thumbs down on APT
Sutra Lounge on Saturdays

Anonymous said...

Apache in ATL used to be ying yang I think- good for capoeira