Apr 28, 2008


I know i shouldnt be adding this to my blog, and i know that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas probrably set the black man back like 50 years, and that the treatment of women in the game is foul and I should be concerned that my play nephew owns the game etc etc...but damn all that–this game is HOT!! I'm a grown ass woman that loves playing open end, storyline, video games and GTA is the best one of its kind to date. It's so intricate, It took me 3 months( off and on ) and finally some cheating to get thru the last one...and GTA IV releases tommorrow! Sigh...too bad I still have a Playstation 2, I'm going to have to wink and shimmy at someone to get them to buy me PS3, but until then check out the line we just passed by tonite in Herald Square as they waited for the game to release It was like 10 pm, they don't release till tommorrow and people were camped out....those people were so hype and they were passing out bottles of water, i thought i was at a Limp Bizkit concert!( Ewww Limp Bizkit!).


Anonymous said...

I've actually never played the game. I kinda wanna play it now...kinda.

Lou said...

I am stuck to this game like I have a drug addiction. Fast cars, faster women, and a compelling storyline. They just killed my cousin and I am getting revenge.

When I am bored of playing missions, I get in a fast car, shoot a cop and make them chase me. I've been able to get four stars on my warrants, I saw six stars when I was trying to open up more of the map and cross forbidden bridges until I get further along in the story.

Anyways, I am stuck on a mission and wondering if I should cheat a little to get past it. I've completed 65% of the game. It has been two months, on and off.