May 26, 2008

TV da Gente ( Brazil's Young TV network)

I just heard about this even though the Network has been around since 2005.  TV da Gente is is Brazil's answer to B.E.T.  ( well, let hope not).  When I was a kid the only reason I even KNEW that blacks existed in South America is because I was back in the Caribbean for high school and there I studied the slave trade beyond Abraham Lincoln.  Even still I didn't have an Idea of what a huge concentration of blacks there was ( the 2nd largest besides Africa) until the release of the movie The City of God.  Wow I can't believe how ignorant I was! We are ignorant because we identify the rest of the world through the images seen on TV-and on tv everyone latin is a nice roasted peanut shade ( smile ).  
The network has gotten praise and hate.  As I have heard, Brazilians are taught that inequality is due to poverty and not race and by creating a network geared to a certain race, founder Netinho de Paula is stirring up a lot of strong conversation.  I think conversation is always good. In the end I believe we will iron all of the nonsense out ( even though the end may be another 300 yrs lol), so Kudos to Brazil for taking that first long step!


Mark said...

yeah, I know you weren't playing...heh heh heh.

ek said...

I'd heard a lot about Brasilia, both good and bad. From a "racial" perspective, they don't have races. Apparently though, you will be classed out of many jobs if you're a certain color or your hair isn't straight and shiny.

Some friends of mine have been traveling to Bahia for years, and have recently looked into buying a second home there. They decided against, simply because of the harsh treatment of darker people. They aren't even dark, but claim the inequality is palpable and heavy in that tropical heat. Guess I need to go myself.