Oct 31, 2008

Your Presidential Candidates Position on the Arts

Just a little something more to think about on Tues. Thanks to designer Derilyn Chambers for the info:
Click the link to download the actual pdf.

Oct 29, 2008

Diddy Buys Enyce

Damn...another urban line where the girls are wearing nothing but fur and lipgloss. Oh well, diversity is overrated. I wanna give a shout out to all my homies that got laid off back in the day. And a Rest in Peace to some of my Enyce graphics. I'll see you on the other side Mayne!

Oct 25, 2008

The dopest ad I've seen this year.

The dopest ad I've seen this year. Directed by David Fincher (Se7en and Fight Club) the new ad " fate" features Chargers runnning back LaDainian Tomlinson and Steelers Safety Troy Polamalu from them crashing into each other on the field. Looks like the world belongs to Them.

Oct 20, 2008

Colin Powell Supports Obama!

Yaaaay! The rumors were true. This is a big step in non-partisanship.  It would be the real deal if Obama puts a republican on his cabinet. It would spell the idea that its more about the issues than the party lines.  The big winner during the Meet the Press is when talking about whether Obama was a Muslim or not Colin Powell says (paraphrasing) :

"He's not, but so what if he is?"

Bout time SOMEone said that. Muslim does not equal evil. 
Colin, Honey- You gets the big kiss.  Muaaah! 
Now i'm going to sit back and wait for the republicans to start pulling the race card....


Oct 15, 2008

Obama Ads on XBOX

Eighteen video games, including the extremely popular "Guitar Hero" and "Madden 09," will feature in-game ads from the Obama campaign in the final weeks before the election. The ads -- appearing on billboards and other signage -- remind players that early voting has begun and plug a campaign Web site that encourages people to register for early voting.

Oct 4, 2008

The Corporate Edge ( What Are they Smoking Over At Kenneth Cole?)

Aparently the Wild Stuff: Their latest Ad Campaign, We All Walk In Different Shoes shows variety in American Life. A Punjabi Playboy, A double Amputee, An Albino, A Cancer Survivor, A Hasidic Reggae Artist, A Transexual and her boyfriend...

Make up your own mind. All I want to know is who is the new creative director?

Change the Thought Posters

This is Just Cool-Now go Vote.

Oct 2, 2008


This is serious, people. Because if you let McCain in, I'm out! I'll be blogging from the Southern tip of Wales. Keep on thinking this is a joke. And PLEASE don't fake like you don't have a crazy uncle Remus that's been locked up...this is not that kind of blog.

The law stating that Ex-Felons can't vote has been disenfranchising Brown and Black people for the better part of this century. What they're saying is: YES we snatch you off the street as soon as look at you and YES we pass out sentences like Jolly Ranchers, And YES we humiliate you in prison, and YES we make it impossible for you to get a job when you get out...but by taking away your right to vote they're saying YOU CANT DO JACK ABOUT IT!

Some of your politicians have been fighting to get rights for ex-felons...that could mean Tens of Thousands of potential voters for Obama. So let your bank robbing Uncle Ro-Ro know: The time is now. We only have a few short days to register.

Thanks to Thanks to The Liberator magazine, UptownLife.Net, Around the Way Girls , T.K. Borsay, Tish Brown, Rashida Harris, D.J. Laylo, and anyone else I'm forgetting for the help spreading the word.

October 8th is the deadline to register.
Check below and see if your state supports real change. (Use your mouse/cursor if you are having trouble seeing the entire grid–or switch browsers)

JUSTUS-Political Cartoon.

Yay Reggie Butler. This is cute! So now you have 4 jobs huh?

Reginald Butler, rnb, is a visual artist and writer. He has worked as an animator, color artist and designer within the New York animation industry. Credits include work for Sesame Workshop, MTVU, Nickelodeon, Curious Pictures, and color supervision on Fox’s Ninja Turtles Fast Forward.

Now I want a strip with JUSTUS whooping The Boondocks Azz, we pull that one off?