May 24, 2008

Arabs N' Injuns (Stereotypes in Movies)

So I just saw IRONMAN this weekend. Before I get to my usual angry blackness.. That movie was the JAM-i like this better than Batman Begins..Robert Downey Jr is my new favorite!

So as much as I loved this film i had to ask myself, what is up with the Arab villains in all the movies lately( this one included)। If you added a cowboy on a white horse you would have a John Wayne flick: Decent Americans vs the "Savages". Just like George Bush, Hollywood is portraying Arabs as bad guys bar nun...there is no reason for their behavior– they're just evil. They come from the womb with AK's and war screams. It's so basic; like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Bad guys are just bad, and these days instead of wearing black cowboy hats the bad guys wear black turbans.

What about the kids? Are going to raise a new batch of misunderstanding and hate? Why haven't we learned, America?


Jazmin said...

ahaa!! you're so right! America never changes. And ya know, I kept waiting for them to explain why the bad guys were doing what they were doing too. I must say though, that arab bad guy was kinda hot. Great movie! I've always loved Robert Downey Jr. and this movie is why! And what about Jeff Bridges being bald! If it wasn't for his voice I wouldn't have recognized him!^_^

Anonymous said...

Jeff Bridges! Oh THATS who that was! I was like Dennis Quaid? who the hell is that? Clearly I didn't watch the credits

Brother OMi said...

you are so correct.

its ill... i remember the old cowboy movies that had white cats in red face.