May 31, 2008

Spirituality is the New Black

{ This post is a little off the blog purpose but...}
"Spirituality is the New Black"
This is what my homegirl Heather says to me as I chop away at some packaging design. I laughed , but damn she was right. Lately it seems as though everywhere I go I've been meeting people who are trying to make sense of their world and what they are doing in it. I mean really, NY is a hard place to be, even if you're making it- it can be draining. But sometimes it seems like here in the city if you are not running on that special fuel called Anxiety you are nothing. So how do we cope? I keep meeting person after person who is, cleansing, meditating, journaling, blogging ( smile ), popping xanax, making purpose boards, Feng Shui-ing, growing plants, traveling or whatever they feel they need to do to get some life clarity. Maybe we're all at that age ( late 20s early 30s) to ask these questions, but the book that I'm feeling right now on this subject is Deepak Chopra's " The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of your Life". It's a heavy read, but I'm feeling it so I wanted to share it with you. I'm pressing on the book right now writing this on the subway. Basically the book tells us that every move that we make is evident of the path we are making for yourself, You have ultimate and total control of your life you just need to realize it and you don't need to force it.
So this is to: TK, Jill, Ian, Heather, Keith, Jen, Tish, Ivona, Shama, Me, Mom, Dad, Sarah, Emil, Jazzy-Phae, Pel, Kali, Ronnie (vee), Dan Tres, Emil, Narvie and whoever else is trying to make their way. Good Luck, Good ( Spiritual) Travels and let me know if you get there.

Peace and Love


May 28, 2008

Sergio Mendes-Magdelenha Original Video

This old School Bossa Nova? video is so hot to me. As soon as I reach home I'm going practice rolling my waist like those girls. Lol. I'm laughing because whoever's reading this thinks i'm playing...

May 27, 2008

Lyrics on L-O-V-E

Your Body is a Wonderland

Something 'bout the way the hair falls in your face,
I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase,
You tell me where to go and, Though I might leave to find it,
I'll never let your head hit the bed,Without my hand behind it

You want love, We'll make it,
Swim in a deep sea, Of blankets,
Take all your big plans, And break 'em,
This is bound to be a while.

Your body is a wonderland,Your body is a wonder (I'll use my hands),Your body is a wonderland।

Damn baby....You frustrate me,
I know you're mine, all mine, all mine
But you look so good it hurts sometimes

John Mayer Room For Squares " Your Body is a Wonderland"

I'm A Not Afraid

I'm not afraid to be your lady
I'm not afraid to be your whore
I'm not afraid to be your future
I'm not afraid to be your soil
In which you plant your seed
Flowers, they sprout for me
My fragrance in the breeze
You must nurture me please
I'm not afraid to be your baby
I'm not afraid to be your strength
I'm not afraid to be open wide
I'm not afraid to be glutinous....

Jill Scott I am not Afraid Beautifully Human:Words and Sounds Vol.2.

May 26, 2008

TV da Gente ( Brazil's Young TV network)

I just heard about this even though the Network has been around since 2005.  TV da Gente is is Brazil's answer to B.E.T.  ( well, let hope not).  When I was a kid the only reason I even KNEW that blacks existed in South America is because I was back in the Caribbean for high school and there I studied the slave trade beyond Abraham Lincoln.  Even still I didn't have an Idea of what a huge concentration of blacks there was ( the 2nd largest besides Africa) until the release of the movie The City of God.  Wow I can't believe how ignorant I was! We are ignorant because we identify the rest of the world through the images seen on TV-and on tv everyone latin is a nice roasted peanut shade ( smile ).  
The network has gotten praise and hate.  As I have heard, Brazilians are taught that inequality is due to poverty and not race and by creating a network geared to a certain race, founder Netinho de Paula is stirring up a lot of strong conversation.  I think conversation is always good. In the end I believe we will iron all of the nonsense out ( even though the end may be another 300 yrs lol), so Kudos to Brazil for taking that first long step!

May 24, 2008

Arabs N' Injuns (Stereotypes in Movies)

So I just saw IRONMAN this weekend. Before I get to my usual angry blackness.. That movie was the JAM-i like this better than Batman Begins..Robert Downey Jr is my new favorite!

So as much as I loved this film i had to ask myself, what is up with the Arab villains in all the movies lately( this one included)। If you added a cowboy on a white horse you would have a John Wayne flick: Decent Americans vs the "Savages". Just like George Bush, Hollywood is portraying Arabs as bad guys bar nun...there is no reason for their behavior– they're just evil. They come from the womb with AK's and war screams. It's so basic; like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Bad guys are just bad, and these days instead of wearing black cowboy hats the bad guys wear black turbans.

What about the kids? Are going to raise a new batch of misunderstanding and hate? Why haven't we learned, America?

Junot Diaz-Dominican Life in "Drown"

Keith Saunders told me to check out short-story author and New Yorker Junot Diaz; see what he was all about.  So I picked up his national bestseller "Drown" and made it my subway read for the week. My first reaction was-lukewarm, it took a minute to warm up but I'm really loving the pulitzer prize winner.  His 10  stories take you from Jersey to the Dominican Republic and give snapshots into lives that he made familiar to me: And i'm clearly not Dominican.

You need to learn a WHOLE lot of spanish cuss words to keep up tho...let me get you started: Pinga, pendejo, pato, puta...a lot of p's. 

Added 2 Post: (My boy, Danny does a much more detailed job of talking about him check the link )

Jay Smooth on Suge Knight & Thug Bidness

Jay Smooth: My favorite video blogger/ hip hop philosopher puts it down about corner business vs. corporate business and why we need to makes changes. Click there to see the video Check him out weekly? bi-weekly? well whenever he posts on his website Ill Doctrine
Plus check out his reaction to T.I. and the weapons bust below. I wanted to give him a hug after this post, i signed up immediately

May 20, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance! Krumping tries to Rize

So You Think You Can Dance Premiers this Thurs!

Yes, I know I waste my time watching too much tv but I can't help myself; I like those competition shows ( i refuse to call it reality). I want to blog on Lil C ( aka Christopher Toler) of the founders of Krumping ( he was featured in David LaChapelle's breakout film 'Rize'). Now, I don't like Krumping, let me be clear. But I recognize how difficult it is and choreographer Lil C has put together some amazing routines with the dancers that make it a very, very easy to swallow.

I was upset when one night last season one of the judges made the patronizing comment to two dancers who failed to do a decent job with Lil C's routine ( not this one ) that they ' did the best they could with what they had'; Camera cuts to Lil C's very tight face. I wanted to come through the screen on that judge. The dancer's know that if they get the categories of Hip Hop or Krumpin' they are much more likely to end up in the bottom 2. Yet the show keeps using these art forms and making sure that the audience gets a broader perspective than just Swing Dance or Ballroom, so big props to the producers of 'So You Think You Can Dance'! Krumping will have to fight its way into being perceived as an authentic art form just like Hip-hop did, but in the Meantime...I see you Lil C! Here is the best of his routines. Click Here to See the Clip

Feel Free to ffwd. They made the clip too long.

...Jesus and Sara ended up on the bottom two next show in case you were wondering Lol.

Also here is a clip of some real Krump Artists. ( Hmmm Maybe I like it after all ).

Israeli Photographer Adi Nes does The Last Supper

Adi Nes's Untitled photograph is known in circles as " The Last Super" for obvious reasons. It depicts Israeli soldiers in a mess hall, their poses imitating the supper of Christ and his disciples. The number of Israeli artists with solo shows has been soaring lately. A writer in the NY Times has called the photo a "homoerotic challenge to Israeli machismo" and states the pose refers to a future Christian betrayal...The Christian betrayal I see, but homoeroticism...huh?? Whatchu talkin' bout Times?


New Release Emmanuel Jal/ Warchild

I'm conflicted on this video ( Click this link to go to the page and see it). Emmanuel Jal is former Sudanese Child Soldier. His new CD Warchild was released last week. I first heard of him in Metro a few weeks ago. In the article he writes about the reason that he chose hip hop as an expression: " It's cheap-I can rap with a drum, with a guitar, anything. If I had no instrument, I would rap with my hands. I don't have a great voice like Bob Marley but with hip-hop you just talk".

So of this video I don't really see any charisma...yet. The "rap" reads more like spoken word, I don't love it...yet. And even though the video has some cool elements ( like the kid who plays his inner child punching the wall), I think it falls flat...Yet, i'm going to follow behind Giant Step, Metro, Vibe etc and spotlight him. As a Sudanese rapper he is rare and interesting, I believe he should be heard. I have not heard of any art out of Sudan since The Lost Boys

So let me know, email me or post do you want to hear about stuff and form your own opinion or should i only let you know about it if I feel it is good?
Yours Truly, Khia

May 18, 2008

Trashy Pop Art ( Nemo Gould)

Sculptor Nemo Gould makes gigantic popart from the stuff he finds around his house. "Quicksilver" the scooter bike is made up mostly of a street lamp and vacuum cleaner parts. Pretty Interesting.

Check him out @

May 17, 2008

Lyrics on Hip Hop (Killer Mike)

Knew it was a bad day when I woke up
N-W-A's gonna raise(?) broke up
Damn prayers ain't move the units that they should've
Rappers on top don't spit like they could've
I pledge allegiance to the hard, core
How I give it to you, hard, raw
Ay, a beautiful site to be seen
There's a mosh pit packed with wild teens
Hangin' onto every word that we spit
Ready to rip, rock, and tear shit
Self-pity's fuckin' up my music man
Whine like a bitch or stand and be a man
There's Black Sabbath, I'm smoking in a Zeppelin
Pumpin' Metallica, hand on my weapon
Fuck you and the bed yo b*#&h slept in
Killer-Kill keeps it real, hardcore is what I'm reppin'
Big is dead, Pac is dead
My music's dead, and y'all just scared...

Killer Mike Rap is Dead " Monster"

Tell 'Em Killer! ( Killer Mike on Everything Important)

On politics, the community, and nonsense in how he handles the Hip Hop question. Now THATS a southern gentleman.

Go to the site to view the video. Warning lots n' lots of cussing.

I pulled this from The Rezidue

Why Djimon Honsou Gets the High Heeled Boot / Minority Actors and Responsibility

(I'm sick of mindless thugs, fat & angry black women, weak asian doctors, and mexican maids...)

This post is sparked by a convo about Blood Diamond with my best friend, plus the fact I JUST caught a bit of Amistad. I used to love love LOVE! Djimon. But after seeing Blood Diamond on video last year I got sick: Djimon's character ( once again ) was the obligatory African sidekick that movies stick in to make their African movie "authentic". Put a grass skirt on him and throw his ass in there...ok I'm used to it. But as the movie developed his character didn't...he played dumb the whole movie, stumbling around following Leonardo DiCaprio like some goofy puppy in his own country. When Leo's character knocked him to the ground, dragged him up by his shirt, called him a Kaffir ( nigger ) then told him he ( Leo ) was his master and he needed get used to it, he started sobbing like a 5 year old. AAARRRGHH!  I was so upset! I kept waiting for his character to leg sweep Leo and punch him in the throat. ( by the way no hate towards Leo, he did a great job!).

Actors like Denzel, Forest Whitaker, Kal Penn, Chow Yun Fat & Salma Hayak understand that they have an obligation to show the world a different perspective of minorities, so why doesnt' HE? So to you Djimon, you gets the boot. I've moved on to Idris Elba. By the way Queen Latifah... I saw Bringing Down the House...Sigh, I still love you tho.
This is YOUR world-Change it!

May 14, 2008

Support Keith as he writes for At-Risk Youth!

One of my best friends in New York ( Keith Saunders ) is participating in New York Writers Coalition Write-a-Thon; writing his little heart out for at Risk Kids this Sat. May 17th. He'll be writing all day and trying to raise money for creative writing know the kind Bush put an end to. He is only trying to raise $250-short notice so if you have a dollar or a dime to spare you can donate here:

From the NYWC website:

“These programs are for at-risk youth, the homeless and formerly homeless, the formerly incarcerated, seniors, and many others that aren’t heard from often enough in our society. Last year, NYWC held more than 600 workshop sessions at 35 locations throughout NYC.”

I put $20 on it, Keithy-Keith!

for more information on the New York Writer’s Coalition, go to:

May 13, 2008

Artist YASHUA KLOS & the Anatomy of a Chicago Smack-talker

I met Yashua Klos early February at the Rush Arts Gallery. I had actually gone to see the artwork of talented artist Alexis Peskine who was also showing, and there was Klos flanked by his 2 boys from home. Klos' boys Algenoy and Terrence talk MAD stuff. And in the first few moments of meeting them you wonder where Klos' laid-back personality fits into the mix. 'Oh', you think 'he must by the SHY one'. Don't sleep-Klos is that rare breed of Chicago Style Smack-talker, he just needs a little warming up. Don't give this man an opening; stay on your toes;keep your hands up, because he will come at you with the verbal jabs ( He talked real badly about my grilled cheese sandwich, It was awful). With Yashua it's all in good fun. Klos and his crew are quick to make friends: A full 3 min. after meeting him, my girls and I were invited to hang out with him and his large group of friends for dinner. We spent the night in some of the coolest convo I've had in my 2 yrs in NY.

Months later I followed Yashua's email invite to his April Soho show 'New Finds'. I was impressed by the 8 ft screens, each of which Yashua had painstakingly hand carved ( at size ) from wood, then printed. The pieces were a top perspective of men holding a power fist over their hearts (Banging!). My date and I were picking off who was who: 1 was definitely Martin Luther King & the 2nd was this Bolivian freedom fighter-we thought. We were REALLY wrong. I was actually moved when we were told that they were each actually Yashua's homeboys. Most, if not all, of them were walking around the gallery. One of them, realist artist Kenneth Browne, was standing right behind us. { For the record Kenneth, you kinda do look like the King-smile}. Yashua Klos is obviously a man whose people are important to him, they seem to be with him wherever he goes, that's why I kept them strong in this article.



Khia_Rocks: When did you know that this ( art ) would be "what you were about"?

YK: My momma would tape a piece of paper to my highchair tray and make me draw for my Gerber.That's when I made the connection that I had to do this thing to eat properly. Really, If nothing else, I've always been an artist. Tried many things, but always returned to what I feel most natural doing.

Khia_Rocks: What keeps you awake at night?

YK: Street construction.

Khia_Rocks: Note to Self-Rephrase that last question. lol. How do you describe your personal style?

YK: I dont think I have a 'style' yet- maybe a consistent personality or aesthetic in my work. I'm afraid of 'style' in what I do- because 'style' doesn't always satisfy the work's concept or content.

Khia_Rocks: What moved you to produce the Soho show?

YK: That show at Christopher Henry worked out perfect because his space there really compliments my large scale work. And the 8' tall woodcuts especially work there- since the space used to be a church, it has those high vaulted ceilings so the figures can breathe. Chris is great and we've been in constant communication since I landed in New York three years ago. 'New Finds' was the second group show I've been in there- and I'm sure we'll work together again in the future.

Check out more of the artist's work @

May 12, 2008

Introducing Peven Everett ( Another Chi-Town Banger)

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me knows that Peven Everett is my favorite musician hands down. To me he's the underrated king of Deep House/Soul. And also because this month is shaping up to be all about Chicago's finest, I want to give a props to PEVEN EVERETT. << Click the link to hear some of his music or see the clip below

May 9, 2008

AKIRA is being made into a live action movie

Jazzy Phae, I know you'll love this! This is another gem from Daniel St. George.( thanks, Babes). Anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo's six-volume graphic novel Akira into two live-action feature movies. This is being directed by Ruairi Robinson. Word is-this is his first time ever doing a full feature. His shorts are cool and have a dark look to it. I think he'll be able to pull off something interesting< style="font-weight: bold;">Silent City below>. Leonardo DiCaprio is supposed to be involved. I don' t know how I feel about that yet...
I had an old co-worker that loved this movie so much he named his son Akira. Imagine a little black boy running around NY with that Japanese name...I love it, Now thats our world today.
See the director's ( Robinson's) short below.

May 7, 2008

Lyrics on America-(Scarface)

(silence into new beat)
America the beautiful don't be so cold
how you expecting our seeds gone grow
when you trap us in the ghetto and show love to the other muthafuckas
while we right here starving at home
I'd cry if I thought me shedding a tear might help
then again me shedding tears don't help
wanna call up to the president just to see if he know hell
let him know you up shit creek yo self
we all sinners/facing a winter
wit no socks and no shoes
in a position/where we all gone lose
instead a penetentaries, we gone need more schools
now what the fuck is we gone do?
sit around and let the world pass us by
waiting on the message from the reverend
and he ain't but another man/trying to get to Heaven
(repeat "heaven" & fade out)

Scarface feat Kelly Price Heaven "The Fix"

Fired Up Ready-to-Wear! : Streetwear Designers Get Political

I come across these tees when I'm working. From Obey to Freshjive Garment Designers are getting in the mix. Everyone is excited. Hey 'Lea-lee. I tried to be fair and find some Hillary tee's...but they only had the one. Ha ha!

May 6, 2008

Anywhere Louie Vega is ( and Other Great Places to go Dancing)

Yesterday was Ladies Nite for me and my friends. Monday evenings after work are good to go to Giant Step parties @ the Hudson Hotel. I dragged my friends there to see Louie Vega of Masters at Work I had work to do but If I could dance for 3 hours and still manage get my project done it was worth it! It was free (meaning packed), only 3 of a group of 7 made it inside. Vega is a talent that I got sprung on when I saw him live at London's Jazz Cafe years and years ago. Louie was dj ing not performing this time, but it was still a good jam with a REAL cool crowd. With this crowd you can step on someone's toes and by the time you finish apologizing you have a new dance partner.

This post is to share with you my favorite NY dance spots and hopefully you guys can post or email good places to me too-I love to dance! I'd love to hear about your favorite place to get down even if you don't live in NY.

I've only been in New York a little more than 2 years but so far my favorites are:

Giant Step!: the only drawback is that the drink prices are insane $19 for a glass of wine. I still owe Tish back for a $9 heineken. A guy gave me a drink and my 2 friends and I shared it like communion ( hey, its a recession. lol!)

KeiStar Parties: Stevie Wonder or Prince vs. Michael Jackson). If you can catch one GO. The second to last Stevie party, Stevie Wonder himself showed up. India Arie was grooving at the last one I went to.

Bembe: Hot Brazilian, Afro House music-I've only been once but I LOVE this place!

APT: I went once with my girls on a Sat. I think. We sweat like crazy it was so fun! Only drawback is the downstairs dance area was small... and the d.j. was a lil iffy. the crowd was cool tho
{LION! nothing tops the Jazz Cafe show, Boy! When are you coming over??!}

I'm so sorry about my pics guys, I had a gang including one Vega posed for, but most are way too blurry. I really don't think i should be allowed to blog if i cant figure out a Nikon.

Goorin's Artist Collection

As usual NY artist Daniel St. George hipped me to something new (Thanks Daniel). One of the guys who works with Goorin is crashing on his couch and I have learned... Goorin is doing a collabo with San Francisco artist's Minna 1333(an alliance of artist's and designers started in 2005). Now while I wouldn't suggest actually wearing these hats (well honestly that's ure business-smile), they are pretty hot to look at, the craftmanship is sick. The hats run from $65 and up, bags run about $150 or so...

May 4, 2008

Departed vs. Infernal Affairs

A few years ago I was really into Hong Kong action flicks, I asked a friend ( Dennis Yu ) to let me know what was good. "Check out Infernal Affairs he said-It's a three part film real hot. Ok cool. Then later on I asked the head of our Hong Kong office, Simon Li, about the movie. Simon told me that they are making an American version of this chinese classic...with the skinny kid from the titanic. Who Leonardo? Yeah. He was talking about the 2006 movie Departed. And Simon was Heated.
As usual the big brother take ideas and takes almost full credit. I'm sure people in Hong Kong got paid, but if you didn't know better you would think the movie was written in Orange County, and that's a shame because the original was really,really good.
So..even tho Martin Scorsese, and William Monahan got full credit for this project, it originated with Hong Kong directors Andie Lau and Alan Mak, with barely any changes from the original concept. If you can sit thru the subtitles, i would highly recommend watching the original. I mean they did a good job with the american version, but maybe we should give credit where credit is due.

LAST NIGHT WE GOT HYPNOTIZED! (The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)

Last night some good friends and I made a run to Joe's Pub in Soho see the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. I'm sure a lot of you have seen them around the city Playing subways and street corners.According to member and trumpet player Gabriel, you won't be seeing to much of that corner work anymore.They have been blowing up ever since moving to New York 3 years ago; and they well should. They have a load of talent and there is not a shy one in the bunch! They are originally from the Southside of Chicago. Currently they live in Westchester 5 minutes away from the American Gangster House- Yeah, the one in the movie.

My friends and I got to chop it up with members Gabriel and Tycho(The tuba player that get's DOWN). The group is a family affair with 7 of the 8 members being blood brothers. The talent springs from their father who was a 50's area star trumpet player. Their father has worked with the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire, Chaka Khan and Thelonious Monk. Gabriel describes the sound of the band as encompassing: Jazz, Soul, Funk, Salsa & Hip Hop among others; they like to keep their vibe organic. With their style you get a big band/Duke Ellington feel translated for our generation. Btw I love the hip actions they add a lot of energy to the performace. Ladies, these guys have a little bounce to the ounce (wink)! Sorry I had to miss the after party Gabriel, I hope you guys had fun!

Shout out to Nina, Crystal, and Chanel (their manager) for getting us in. The show sold out days in advance, but we definitely got a hookup. I can't wait until their next show. They'll be in St. Lucia, and Ireland among other places, but you can catch them at the Lincoln Center on July 12.

Watch them Here

Louis Vuitton Lawsuit-Artist Nadia Plesner

I just got this info from fav blog . To give a little more info: Nadia Plesner is being sued for her piece "Simple Living"- a depiction of a Darfur child holding Paris Hilton-esque nonsense...including a, goofy dog and Louis Bag...Apparently Louis Vuitton is not pleased. Artist Nadia Plesner has this to say:

"My illustration Simple Living is an idea inspired by the medias constant cover of completely meaningless things. My thought was: Since doing nothing but wearing designerbags and small ugly dogs appearantly is enough to get you on a magasine cover, maybe it is worth a try for people who actually deserves and needs attention."

I agree with Radio Rose...this suit is ridiculous. Louis, You're not looking so hot. Go to Nadia's site to support and purchase the tee or poster.

May 2, 2008

I Dedicate this Poem to Nicole Paultre (Bell).

My blog is about art and artist's but this week my mind keeps returning to Nicole Paultre ( Bell ). People are angry, people are marching. They are thinking about Sean Bell and his friends, and our community and the damn cops but my heart just flops when I think of all that woman lost: how does your family fall apart to totally the DAY before it is supposed to come together? How do you deal with that? What is that supposed to mean? And then to add insult to injury...they just let the bastards go.

{Around the Way Girls' Radio Rose went OFF lol...I was so proud SEE HERE}

My hope is that her story really gains some meaning and really moves people to change.

To bring this back to art I wrote a poem way back when, I don't remember for what reason, but I'd love to give it some new meaning by dedicating it to Ms.( Bell ).

Understand? retitled Keep your Head Up
by Khia Jackson

You think I don’t understand the black man?
When pride opens wide my heart?
I share the breadth of his misery
I was there from the start

Trying to stomp both feet
Into the White House lawn
Cease fire! and admire
A storm negates the calm

He’s Out there doing it
Eldridge Cleaver and Langston Hughing it
Free Huey with dewey eyed anticipation
Africa! Righteous Power! Liberation!

Blackman came home drunk one night
I Looked into his soul
I knew he musta had a fight
His eyes were frozen cold

The Man knocked you down on you ass
Put your hands behind his back
As my blackman tasted asphault
All the Niggas looked and laughed...

Honestly tho, I'm so sick of wearing Black... Why don't they just leave us alone?