May 24, 2008

Junot Diaz-Dominican Life in "Drown"

Keith Saunders told me to check out short-story author and New Yorker Junot Diaz; see what he was all about.  So I picked up his national bestseller "Drown" and made it my subway read for the week. My first reaction was-lukewarm, it took a minute to warm up but I'm really loving the pulitzer prize winner.  His 10  stories take you from Jersey to the Dominican Republic and give snapshots into lives that he made familiar to me: And i'm clearly not Dominican.

You need to learn a WHOLE lot of spanish cuss words to keep up tho...let me get you started: Pinga, pendejo, pato, puta...a lot of p's. 

Added 2 Post: (My boy, Danny does a much more detailed job of talking about him check the link )


Brother OMi said...

he is my fav author.

check out my review on his latest:

AJasmin said...

Junot Diaz is g-r-e-a-t. I got turned on to him during a writing class: one of his short stories was one of our first assignments-- from the perspective of a little boy going to his aunt/uncle's (?). brilliant. just raw and gritty and encapsulating of a whole world in a few pages, and so perfectly written. Not sure I could ride with a whole book in his style, but you've got to check out the following link:

It's Junot reading his short, “How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie)”, with Edwige Danticat commenting. Veeery funny... I think I laughed more at some of Deborah Treisman's Q&A with Danticat, like Junot's reference to white girls as easy and Danticat kind of dances away without answering! Hilarious. : D

AJasmin said...

That link got cut off here it is: