May 4, 2008

LAST NIGHT WE GOT HYPNOTIZED! (The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)

Last night some good friends and I made a run to Joe's Pub in Soho see the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. I'm sure a lot of you have seen them around the city Playing subways and street corners.According to member and trumpet player Gabriel, you won't be seeing to much of that corner work anymore.They have been blowing up ever since moving to New York 3 years ago; and they well should. They have a load of talent and there is not a shy one in the bunch! They are originally from the Southside of Chicago. Currently they live in Westchester 5 minutes away from the American Gangster House- Yeah, the one in the movie.

My friends and I got to chop it up with members Gabriel and Tycho(The tuba player that get's DOWN). The group is a family affair with 7 of the 8 members being blood brothers. The talent springs from their father who was a 50's area star trumpet player. Their father has worked with the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire, Chaka Khan and Thelonious Monk. Gabriel describes the sound of the band as encompassing: Jazz, Soul, Funk, Salsa & Hip Hop among others; they like to keep their vibe organic. With their style you get a big band/Duke Ellington feel translated for our generation. Btw I love the hip actions they add a lot of energy to the performace. Ladies, these guys have a little bounce to the ounce (wink)! Sorry I had to miss the after party Gabriel, I hope you guys had fun!

Shout out to Nina, Crystal, and Chanel (their manager) for getting us in. The show sold out days in advance, but we definitely got a hookup. I can't wait until their next show. They'll be in St. Lucia, and Ireland among other places, but you can catch them at the Lincoln Center on July 12.

Watch them Here

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Jazmin said...

that must've been great, tell me when you're going to fun music stuff!! :)