Sep 29, 2008

Awww Mary!

This commercial is so damn cute, Mary J. Blige sits with herself in all her different stages in life...My Mary version is the one with the hat turned to the back that they picked up on the street. Lol. Real Love!
Imagine if Madonna picked up all her different selves. They would have to rent out two minivans! But check out the phrase " the wisdom to leave the baggage behind". While she drops off the bags, nice!

Sep 27, 2008

The Liberal Dream Team

I've been slowing down on the whole blog lately–my bad. I've been too caught up in PalinGate. But I'm back and ready for change. Are you?  How about in the form of my new media SuperFriends Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann ( Keith doesn't give a damn what comes out of his mouth, and I'm glad as long as it's left wing).  And for temperance there is the semi-conservative Chris Matthews. The first openly lesbian pundit, Maddow is sharp, saavy and not afraid to go toe to toe with her peers. Matthews and Olbermann are so opinionated that MSNBC demoted them during the Republican Convention to shut them up. The Superfriends are a force to be reckoned with. All they need is an 'S' on their chests.

I'm doing the casting special so Rachel is my Wonder Woman, Keith is my Batman and i'm casting Chris as the Wizard of Oz ( Just because he has a big head and I'm not always sure if he's the good guy).

McCain is Tickle Me Elmo and Obama is The Green Lantern...'cause he's black.

Go team go.

Sep 21, 2008

Turbo and the Broom ( Taking you Back )

I just finished watching this. It funny when you take a look back at old "greats", like Purple Rain, they're so bad that they're funny and they're not supposed to be.  Take Breakin' the movie for example.  The guys outfits were strange, the beefs didn't make any sense and the acting was just bad, but I was shocked that even after all this time Turbo's Broom Dance was still the Jam. Timeless.

I'm posting this dance short just for you. Make sure click the word " site  "and watch it...

Sep 15, 2008

South African Rap Song Banned for Incitement to Violence

The song ' Get Out' by Zimbabwean-born hip hop artist Zubz has was banned in May 20o8  on the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC. The right wing party called Freedom Front Plus stated that the song contained hate speech. { why am i getting this info so late? My South African links ( Shani, Lion ) you guys are letting me down man}.

The crazy thing is that a lot of these African hip hop artists sound straight out of brklyn...but better because they have MUCH better lyrics. I listened to the lyrics of Zubz 'Get Out', sounds like just another track off of a Nas album to me...whats the big deal? If you play this same song in NY it won't do anything-no riots, just a little barbershop talk. Just another argument not to shoot the messenger.

Dag. after doing research I found out that Zubz apologized in May 2008 for the offensive lyrics. This just takes you back to the age old question started with Malcolm X. Is it wrong to respond to injustice and violence with violence? Isn't that equality and survival? And if you don't use violence to demand and insure justice then what are they supposed to be doing Iraq...well, y'all know what they're doing in Iraq. lol.

Come to the site to check out the video.  Here are some of the lyrics:

Tell my people: {Fight!}
Tell the oppressor: {Get Out!}
You know you really need to
{Watch Out}
See, that condescending tone you adopt when you talk to me
Can get your head blown–Serious { Watch Out}
Mistake my kindness for weakness
Just like your forefathers did
I'll blind you with heat quick {Get Out!}


Sep 4, 2008

Looking for New Hip Hop?:)

This Labor Day week(end) has been the jam so far. Thanks to those of you that shared it with me.

I jumped at the chance to interview new talent DJ K-Salaam at B.B. Kings this passed Sat for The Liberator Magazine. Why? His first and second c.d.s are named " The World is Ours" and " Whose World is This" respectively. Weird huh? Plus they feat some of my favorite artists, Mos def, Buju Banton, Sizzla,... So The Liberator sends me in to The Black August Benefit featuring: EPMD, Bilal, Joel Ortiz, Q-Tip, DJ Scratch and many more

I'm all excited I'm press y'all, I'm thinking we're going to be back stage sipping passion fruit mojito's with Q-Tip. Not exactly. Me, my +1 and some guy from MTV were standing outside forever. I had to take off my heels, I was waiting so long. It's cool. Aside from the initial confusion the show was exciting.

The Black August Benefit Concert is put together to support political prisoners. If revolution is your thing, so is this following list of underground hip-hop artists:

1) Rebel Diaz- (The DR (?)) Overall this group of 3 is okay but I really like the girl she steals the show in spanish and English

2)Immortal Technique-(Peru). VERY angry. I like that a lot. He's got a big voice for such a little guy

3)Homeboy Sandman (around the corner)-if you've ever ridden the 'F' train you've seen his stupid flyers...he's actually pretty dope. He's got a 90s feel to him, like The Farside, but on speed & better lyrics

4)Blitz the Ambassador-(Ghana) I liked that he rapped with a live band. Hes a little too much like Black Thought of the Roots, and he knows it. But he's still a hot performance.

5) Joell Ortiz-(Puerto Rico) Any minute now he's going to blow up

6) of course DJ K-Salaam:( Iran ) check him out esp. if you're a reggae fan. I don't know how he did it but he made Sizzla and Young Buck sound good....together.

-never thought i would see EPMD live, thnks The Liberator!-

Marijuana, Pu$$y, Cake and Ice Cream

"Mr. Kuti, it has been said that the things you love most in the world....are marijuana...p-p-p-pussy, cake and ice cream. Is this true?" Sahr Nguajah as British Official
"Yesssssssss." Sahr Nguajah as Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

" And now that we've gotten your attention...". Sahr Nguajah

Fela: A New Musical was playing last night. Off broadway is clearly to big for this program. It was amazing. As evidenced by the long standing ovation at the end. Director Bill T. Jones did his thing with this. And he knew it too because after the show he took his shirt off and got down with the drummers. The music was-of course-crazy but the acoustics made it otherwordly, the mixed media photo projections, creative story interpretation, audience dance lesson, drum solos, Sahr Nguajah's very charismatic portrayal of Fela...amazing! The best way to tell it was sick was that after the show we kept getting pulled into conversation after conversation with strangers with big smiles on their faces saying " so what did you think?"

I think it was the bomb. Go See It.

(* mom & dad sorry for the language. -love u)

Sep 2, 2008

Vogue is at it Again ( India )

They just won't stop making these annoying fashion " statements". Vogue India is published in a country where millions of entire families make it on $1.25 a day. Their latest "statement"? Even people with tuberculosis can look fly. Vogue is putting India's toothless poor in overpriced designer gear. This baby is rocking a $100 Fendi bib, but how much food does he have to spit up?