Nov 7, 2009

"The Birth of the Cool" and the Life of Mrs Davis.

Renowned artist Barkley Hendricks' in conjunction with the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University is exhibiting "Birth of the Cool" around the nation at select locations. ( see below).

In Hendrick's Exhibit is the 3 foot high image of a shy young girl with a not-so -shy afro holding her arm protectively. It's titled 'Lawdy Mama'. The image is of Atlanta Muralist and cousin to Barkley Hendricks, Kathie Davis. Mrs Davis has painted murals for many Atlanta based celebrities including Ludacris and Dorsey Levens. A little over two months ago Mrs Davis finally succumbed to a long bout with cancer leaving behind her a lifetime of artwork and two talented children.

My friend Atlanta based designer Azure Davis is her daughter. This is a really special post for me because I know how much she went through towards the end of Mrs. Davis life.

When you're young, your emotions are insecure but your body is strong, when you're older your emotions are secure but your body just won't keep up. Life is pretty ironic. So Az line with the rest of our convo..that's what I think about when I see your mom's panting. It's got to feel good to see her immortalized like that and by such a talented artist: young and beautiful forever.

Rest in Peace Mrs. Davis.