May 4, 2008

Louis Vuitton Lawsuit-Artist Nadia Plesner

I just got this info from fav blog . To give a little more info: Nadia Plesner is being sued for her piece "Simple Living"- a depiction of a Darfur child holding Paris Hilton-esque nonsense...including a, goofy dog and Louis Bag...Apparently Louis Vuitton is not pleased. Artist Nadia Plesner has this to say:

"My illustration Simple Living is an idea inspired by the medias constant cover of completely meaningless things. My thought was: Since doing nothing but wearing designerbags and small ugly dogs appearantly is enough to get you on a magasine cover, maybe it is worth a try for people who actually deserves and needs attention."

I agree with Radio Rose...this suit is ridiculous. Louis, You're not looking so hot. Go to Nadia's site to support and purchase the tee or poster.


Brother OMi said...

its funny because Louis Vuitton will lose. it's a parody and according to the law, it's legal as long as you are doing a parody (which is why Weird Al Yankovic can do all those songs without paying anyone).

AMitch said...

The lawsuit is crap; Louis will not only lose but he'll also lose popular respect among the masses. But uhm, is it PC to say that while I get why and what Plesner's doing this I can't... I can't... I just can't.

Khia_Rocks said...

I like the image. Although one of my friends pointed out that the image itself is pure illustrator crap-and so is a lot of her other work( i absolutely agree) , I love the message I would buy the tee shirt if Nadia wasn't trying to gank people for $50. Quit playin', Plesner.

stephanie said...

This girl is good, point well taken. As soon as I saw this ad my stomach dropped. They are stupid for even trying to sue her what they should do is join her so that don't look like greedy slave laborors and send a heafty check to help out with the poor living conditions.