May 17, 2008

Lyrics on Hip Hop (Killer Mike)

Knew it was a bad day when I woke up
N-W-A's gonna raise(?) broke up
Damn prayers ain't move the units that they should've
Rappers on top don't spit like they could've
I pledge allegiance to the hard, core
How I give it to you, hard, raw
Ay, a beautiful site to be seen
There's a mosh pit packed with wild teens
Hangin' onto every word that we spit
Ready to rip, rock, and tear shit
Self-pity's fuckin' up my music man
Whine like a bitch or stand and be a man
There's Black Sabbath, I'm smoking in a Zeppelin
Pumpin' Metallica, hand on my weapon
Fuck you and the bed yo b*#&h slept in
Killer-Kill keeps it real, hardcore is what I'm reppin'
Big is dead, Pac is dead
My music's dead, and y'all just scared...

Killer Mike Rap is Dead " Monster"


AMitch said...

How are these dope lyrics? He points out that rappers "don't spit like they could've" but then doesn't "spit" about anything... In fact, this verse is chalk full of "self-pity" and whin[ing] (which is a little ironic), and geographically he's all over the place: first in bed, praying, then at a mosh pit, presumably performing and yet he's high playing Metallica with his hand on his weapon-- for what? the wild teens? --and then at a philosophical memorial service for Biggie, Pac and his music... which, judging solely by this verse, really really needs to be put to rest. BOOOOO!

Khia_Rocks said...

Wow, Hate is bad for your skin, you know that right? Lemme break down the song then, its about the state of hip hop:

Biggie is Dead Pac is dead...he means that they died so but people are still sweating them get over it.( you gotta hear the whole song)

the wild teens in a mosh pit is a metaphor: mosh pit is life they're hanging on to ure words so give them something real

He's not high ( well maybe he is these ARE some wild lyrics )
Black Sabbath, Metallic and Lead? Zepplin are all hardcore bands, adding them to the song just underlines the music is rugged, raw powerful maybe even universal. Hope this helps ure hatin' ass!