May 7, 2008

Lyrics on America-(Scarface)

(silence into new beat)
America the beautiful don't be so cold
how you expecting our seeds gone grow
when you trap us in the ghetto and show love to the other muthafuckas
while we right here starving at home
I'd cry if I thought me shedding a tear might help
then again me shedding tears don't help
wanna call up to the president just to see if he know hell
let him know you up shit creek yo self
we all sinners/facing a winter
wit no socks and no shoes
in a position/where we all gone lose
instead a penetentaries, we gone need more schools
now what the fuck is we gone do?
sit around and let the world pass us by
waiting on the message from the reverend
and he ain't but another man/trying to get to Heaven
(repeat "heaven" & fade out)

Scarface feat Kelly Price Heaven "The Fix"


Don said...

scarface, the king of the south. damn t.i.

love this song til death.

Don said...

the new album is on point, as well.

stephanie said...

WOW now who is blind to injustice. Lyrics like this have been spoken in many genres, maybe we should send Bush a mix cd marked "urgent your country is dying" Only when we take full responsibility for each other and realize that we are our brother keeper (sounds corny but it is so true) will we begin to see change.