Jan 31, 2009

This is a Graduated Human Being

Shawn Crawford gave up his Olympic silver medal to Churandy Martina, the sprinter who originally finished second in the 200 meters but was later disqualified for running out of his lane.
“It wasn’t about doing the right thing. It’s just me as an athlete—I feel like we all compete and train for four years to get to the Olympic Games,” Crawford said. “We got there, he was told he finished second after all that, he took a victory lap. I can understand his humiliation and embarrassment and all that."

Jan 16, 2009

Nicely Put...

"Gaza" From Artist Carlos Latuff.  This just about says it all...The year has just begun. Thnx to atlanta artist Will-Kem for sending this to me. Keep the city warm for me, i'll be there in a few days.

Jan 14, 2009

Gold Plated Turntable

Solid Gold Turntables...for my Mix-masters out there...  Unlike the fat cars below, I believe this works. Half a years salary just to get on it:

This thing goes for $38,790. By Transrotor . If i were a d.j. i'd buy it and charge people extra just to watch me use it...then i'd be too scared to mix...i'd just let the track run. lol!

Damn that's a Fat-Azz Ride!

The "Fat Cars"  are created by Viennese ( sp) artist Erwin Wurm...you'll definitely catch people's eye if they ran. It would almost work as a getaway car because the license is covered...but then as soon as you type in the make and model it's all over

Jan 3, 2009

...And a Happy New Year.

I am inspired to say something with a Holiday Spirit by the head of one of the companies I do business. I stood in the crowd as he gathered all of his employees around him and talked about how hard he has been fighting to keep them with him. I was touched. 2008 was a tough year for so many of you guys. I mean really-Artists got hammered this year. ( many many )Lost jobs, lost homes, cars and credit debt. For some I know it was literally hard to eat this year, but the fact is that we're all still standing, and in some of the toughest cities in the world. we're still eating and making it.

We made it through the Bush regime and if this the best they can do to take us to rock bottom, I think this year is going to be lovely. The world is yours to do with what you will. And the way the world looks is the way you've decided it looks to you. So look up, I see big things in the year(s) to come. As I go into the new year i'm saying " 2009 I'm About To Get Mine."

I want you all there by my side.



Merry Xmas

I want someone to buy me these books and put a ribbon on it. And i live in queens. I'm just sayin'

I Like How Gaudi Gets Down

Just back from Barcelona and thanks to Lion I've learned about Spain's pride and joy: Spanish Architech Antoni Gaudi.

His work is something else...its kind of wild. His buildings make him look like a hardworking maniac. There is something haphazard about the way he does his thing that I like. For instance all of this totally different stuff comes off of the same building. For his buildings he designed everthing down to the light fixtures and the gates and the doors and the keyholes in his signature look
(he died having only one girlfriend on record never married-who'd have guessed). And he seemed to have more unfinished projects than finished. He walks off a project when the heads involved cramp his style.

As a designer he's my new hero. To refuse to bend to anyone's will and create these crazy pieces in the early 1900s...crazy.