Jul 19, 2008

Video Music Box 25th Anniversary was the JAM!

What a positive vibe! All these old school players showed out to support. The beginning of the jam was real old school at first. Not that I don't love old school, but some of those dudes were on stage out of breath! The whole thing got taken to another level by the very Special Ed. And it was off: Nice & Smooth, Lost Boyz, Sugar Hill Gang, Dana Dane, The D.O.C., Milk D. and others. Special appearances by DJ Red Alert, Kool Herc, & the Retro Kidz

Chubb Rock & Naughty by Nature by far were the best part of the show for me. Chubb has charisma that's as big as his belly. And much appreciation for him stopping the show and pointing out that there was no cursing in his act and there doesn't need to be. He said " My daughters are in the show and they ain't no B's". Of course you always got that one crackhead. Schooly D came right after Chubb, saying " I know Chubb don't like to curse but I do!" He hit us off with a pocket full of N's and B's a couple F's for posterity। The crowd was NOT feeling him.Get his wack a@& off the stage! AND Schooly your wife owes my homegirl money, . Payup!she takes money orders.

Tommorrow If i'm a good girl and get all my work done I'll be there to see Santogold and Diplo where good peoples Blair and Tasha will be. (Bliz tell Tash I finally understood the txt. I'm like whats a manana?)।

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Brother OMi said...

i miss video music box. can't believe they are 25 years old...

big up