Jul 13, 2008

Machel!!!The Caribbean's Big Soca Fish

As soon as I hit a caribbean party, I look for the Trini's. No lie they can wine till like they have extra bones in their waist. The party doesn't stop for them.

The same is true of one of their brightest musicians-Machel Montano A big fish in the caribbean world, but still undiscovered elsewhere. Machel Montano's JamRock magazine article inspired me this week. Despite his obvious and rich talent and offers from everyone from Delicious Vinyl to Atlantic Records, he chose his craft over crossover fame which would cause him to dilute his music. He produces his music on his own label Mad Bull Music. He is patiently awaiting his inevitable blow up. It will come, he knows this, but it will come in his time and in his fashion. Amazing.! Kiss to Machel!


Anonymous said...

Bout time you brought it back to the Islands. Don't forget your roots Missus!


Mike Synonym said...

He did a new lati

mike synonym said...

He did a new latin mix joint. You can check it out on his website.