Jul 19, 2008

Marc Newson ( Australian Product Designer)

So... I know you see him as a part of my new funky fly blog header; along with Santogold, Nina Simone and Amel Larrieux. So let me 'xplain. Marc Newson is in my new favorite designer list (next to the brilliant Karim Rashid). Not because he designs hot products, furniture and interiors. Not because his crazy ass designed a jet plane and a concept car. And not because Nike signed him to make really weird athletic shoes. No.

I love him because @ over 40, Marc is doing all this while rocking a hoodie. Way to own the dream Marc!


Jazmin said...

lucky bastard...who's backing him?

Khia_Rocks said...

girl, if i knew his backers I would be on their front porch right now!