Jul 29, 2008

Dope, DOPE lyrics to the future President!- Joell Ortiz

Intro'd to me by Radio Rose: Underground NY rapper JOELL ORTIZ is DOPE! I had to type this in by hand, so you know it must be that fire. I don't have that kind of time on my hands. Keep your eye on this dude. I predict big things. Obama we all hope your listening...

Dear Future President:

I grew up with no brothers and sisters
and my moms was on public assistance
and her husband was missing
she developed this disgusting addiction
that had her on some of the ugliest missions
so she missed some appointments
she was supposed to keep my coverage consistant
I was a chronic asthmatic
huffing, puffing and whistling
Can't get a breath I wish for death,
It hurt my chest when I cough
...oh yeah i'm from the projects in New York

{we love basketball!}

But last summer my my boy got left on the court
some kid reached next to his shorts
put some lead in his thoughts...

...My other homey sells crack
he always telling me its wack
every day he filling out apps.
but they don't call him back
Background checks spotted his felony
but that ain't fair.
You make a mistake
You can't fix it man
this world don't care....

...I get mad when I see what other artists do with a mill
with a couple g's I gave my P's a few computers for real...

Joell Ortiz feat. Dante Hawkins album unknown " Letter to Obama"


AJasmin said...

Joel Ortiz is the hotness... but he's been out for a minute and hasn't really gotten the attention I think he deserves-- his lyrics are NICE.

I love "Brooklyn Bullsh*t" (of course) and he's got this mind blowing song with Immortal Technique, "Mordern Day Slavery.

Here's a link (I don't know the song it's to "125 grams") that has a lot of links in the right-hand column to his other songs:


AJasmin said...

and since no one else has responded, I'm going to post this from yesterday:

by Joell Ortiz

[Verse 1]
Who better than me?
E'ry time I pick up a pen the ground shake
E'ry time I spit I pretend it's round 8
Front of thousands with the title up for grabs
My hook keepin 'em shook
And I'm lightening with the jab
I don't really like to brag
but I'm undefeated
You bring a mic, bring your fans, bring your A-game
You're gonna need it
I was better than you dudes in 10th grade
Your faux jeans, half moon part and a skin fade (?)
I go to war with this art
My competition like these white couples
Y'all a walk in the park
You shoot 'em up, bang bang in every verse
But that ain't gangsta
You can't put a song in a hearse
See hip hop wilin'
The whole game change
They signin controversy,
and overlookin the talent
But I accept the challenge
See I'm no quitter
I'mma keep firing
like the Diallo trigger
Bye lil niggas
I'm better than you
Hold up wait, don't jet yet
I got a question for you

It's a whole lotta fish in the sea
But they don't swim like the great MC
Who better than me?
It's a whole lot birds in the air
But they ain't fly like this man right here
Who better than me?
It's a whole lotta creatures on land
But they don't walk in my shoes, understand?
Who better than me?
I guess what I'm tryin to say is... chill
They a-ight, but they not real

[Verse 2]
Protect the sheep
The wolf is coming
That lil boy ain't lying this time
Start running
I more than hungry, I'm rubbing my tummy
This game look yummy
You dudes is honey
I'm Winnie the Pooh
Nah I'm only playin'
I'm really a flu that'll infect any track
When I get in the booth
the mic start coughing
the headphones sneeze
the walls sweat
the beat moan
Your man is a disease
Man, listen all these common cold rappers ain't sick
Few sips of soup, they right back to 98.6
Scientists'll have to consider a round-table
Tryin to come up with something
Able to cure what Ortiz gave you
I'm what all these labels goin need in a minute
So different
Plus I'm Puerto Rican, forget it
No limits how far I go
Y'all should take time out to stop by my show
See how the crowd go crazy
for my Brooklyn anthem
And then y'all understand, there's no logical answer to


[Verse 3]
See I ain't want to toot my own horn
but fuck it
I threw (?) the mouthpiece on the trumphet
It's on
Y'all all want to be a problem
Problems get solved
I'm a theory: I can't even understand how I evolved
I rose out of the dirt from acid rain drops
Wrote my first 16 to the beat of them same drops
I will remain hot
I have what they ain't got
I go where they can't go
I'm something that they not
When they argue who is the best
Some dudes say Pac
Some'll say Biggie Smalls
Some'll say Nas
Some hollerin' Jay
Some stand with the R
I say they all was the best... so far
I'm yet to sign on that dot
But I shall have my shot
Bold statement but I'm hot


Khia_Rocks said...

I know Lea-lee...all that hard work! Lol. But since you have his whole cd i'm going to need a burn...pls.
Wait no. sorry he's too underground for me to do that to hiim i'm going to support and buy it.

Anonymous said...


Rebel Chic designed by Tisha Brown said...

Khia, that's Haitian Mike's artist! If you need a reminder explanation hit me, hehehehe.

Khia_Rocks said...

Hatian who?? I don't remember, but I'll get to know him really well for some tix. I think its pretty clear we're going to need at least three. lol.

Tell Mike-boo I say 'hey'.