Jul 8, 2008

Good Look! Is Hip Hop Finally Getting a Makeover?

This is whats up. There are forces at work that are trying to tilt the scales back to the right balance. The trend of hip hop as nothing but hardcore has been going on for too-flipping-long. So I'm glad to notice these few changes this week that may indicate a glitch in the Matrix:

1) This kid on my train home tonite rocking high top kicks, TIGHT grey jeans and a sweater around his shoulders tied tennis player style. To be clear, i did NOT approve of his gear, but it shows a departure from the thug image.

2) The well meaning although misguided show "From G's to Gents" on MTV hosted by the semi-respected Farnsworth Bentley. It's some sort of reality show: The first episode details how rappers across the board have tranformed themselves from pistol poppin' thugs to polo playin' gentlemen.

3)Last but not least the veritable genius (and chess champion) RZA has started the new website WuChess.com. The site supports scholarship and features a monthly tournament wherein the winner plays RZA himself. ( props to Daniel St. George for this info )

The future looks bright, today I'm a happy girl.


Jazmin said...

That's good to hear. I'v been so disgusted with hip-hop lately I'v resorted to getting it from other countires...like korea!! Come on, now that is sad!!

Anonymous said...

Hip Hop has let me down-for real.i think they just quit it and start over with a new sound.just like they did to disco.

Mark said...

From Gents to Gaymen, yeah let Farnsworth get at them! Peace to gza tho. I'm a big chess fan.

Mark said...

Whoops rza. damn its late