Jul 9, 2008

Can you say " Beautiful" in Arabic?

I'm getting personally offended and hurt by the depictions of Arabs in Media, then of course one of my friends send me to the FBI site, where EVERYONE on the most wanted list is Muslim. I guess that now that the arabs are in town everyone else stopped committing crimes. So my other friend D. hipped me to this. It's my reminder of the beautiful things that come from our Muslim brothers...This from artist Hassan Mussa; the artwork is calligraphy made up of the characters in Arabic language. Beautiful!
( Of course they are probrably instructions on rigging cellular bombs....kidding!)


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missbruno said...

I'm loving this artist. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Very nice work.

Rana Dides said...

DON'T put Arabs and Muslims in the same category. I have no issue with Islam it is beautiful, but Arab does not equal Muslim.

Thank You,