Jun 14, 2008

Wild Seed Boutique opens in ATL...( Do it Kiki!)

Love goes out to my girl Kiki ( Kianga Peterson). Her new boutique Wild Seed is on and popping in ATL. For those of you reading this blog in Atlanta, I can vouch for her good taste, go check it out. They just got a mention in Daily Candy and I just ran into Jen (St. Agnes) of Worship Worthy fame, who was flying down just this friday to work on promotions. Kik is a highly experienced designer who has worked in a diverse range of brands Heatherette-Sean John. What I love about my girl is that she will casually mention over drinks that she is planning on taking over the world...next thing you know she has Wisconsin and South Dakota on lock. I love it ! She is joined by partners Set Shakur ( Tupac's Sister), and Custom Tailor Tamúra White.
I will be in ATL next weekend, I'll be dragging some friends to see the new spot.

P.S. Kik, we're doing Martini night in queens,( yes QUEENS)–don't trip. Jazzy Phae is bringing the tequila. lol

Peace & Love



Jazmin said...

YAY!!! Go Kiki Kitty! So sad for those of who DON'T live in Atl, so I'm look'n fwd to the website launch.

What's this about martini night in queens??

Khia_Rocks said...

Kik was talking about us all doing drinks, I told her I was thinking about mixing some ice drinks in Queens one day soon. She was throwing a little hate towards my borough...it wasn't appreciated.lol! I also posted this article on www.aroundthewaygirls.net also Jazz, let her know if you talk to her.