Jun 19, 2008

Vogue To Launch Black Girl Issue

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Inspired by the onset of a possible Black President and his (black as all get out wife). Italian Vogue is publishing a Vogue with 100 pages dedicated to black models and black women entertainment/political figures. The mag drops in itally next week. I'm getting mine to make sure the message is sent to the WORLD...Diversify. Next I want an all Indian girl Issue. lol!

The photographer Steven Meisel has been working in the industry for so long and with so much sucess that he can do pretty much whatever he wants...well,he want to do something different. Different in this case is to underline black women who as of late have been getting less ( positive ) media attention than even in the 70s and 80s. But the shanene's and the big mama's of the world are still doing it big. How is this even possible? As I said in my ATWG post, It's a shame that such a statement has to be made, but if it needs to be done-Lets do it! And props to Vogue and Meisel for taking that step. Lets hope it doesn't end like black history month. lol.
Editor Franca Sozzani, is saying that her inclusion of this project is due to her interest in the presidential race, and not a response to recent criticism that she under uses black women...yeah whatever. Photographer Meisel has a theory as to why Black women have been disappearing from runways etc.: It's linked to money. To sum it up Black ( girls) don't sell. Even though designers have open minds and diverse interests the readers do not. It is so odd that this comes up right after the debacle not to long ago about Lebron James being protrayed as King Kong on the Vogue Cover. You get a little you give a little.

Says Meisel of underworked ( soon to be featured model ) Sessilee Lopez :. " Here is this exquisite girl...what don't you get?".
I mean really! A good season is predicted for Lopez next year!
Shout to Jazz-Phae for reminding me to get on this article...Looks like everyone is getting excited.



Chic Noir said...

the nytimes has an extensive interview about this upcoming issue.

Anonymous said...

Yo I've been waiting all week! Is it out yet? Let a brotha know!

AJasmin said...

No for real, when's this out?? I want to buy in bulk (ok, i want my mom to buy in bulk lol) to make a monetary statement to Vogue and the rest of these ridiculous magazine execs that **black sells**

Khia_Rocks said...

I went up to the store today with a co-worker to try to get it....we have to wait until July 15th. The store owner didn't even let me finish my sentence...I guess everyone has been asking. lol.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to get my copy! Its about time someone created an issue that featured black women.