Jun 23, 2008

Hank Richardson Reads My Blog!

Wow! I can't believe it. I take a late night look at my emails and I've gotten an email from Hank. Even though I gansta signed him up for the blog like I did some of you I was suprised to find not only does he keep up but he likes it. yay! Hank is the head of my very hardcore grad school The Portfolio Center. But more than that, he ( along with Sylvia and Ted Fabella) is the most influential voice in my design career. Sylvia taught me the basics, Ted taught me to make my concepts solid and Hank taught me to dig deep and think waaay outside the box. Even now when I design I still hear them all in my head.

Hanks voice is in my ear again, he's telling me my blog looks boring. Lol!. I am after all a designer first, right? So give me a little time, I'ma make it Pop, Baby!.

For any of you ( Like Mel) who are thinking about going to an art school in ATL I highly recommend Portfolio Center. It is a CRAZY experience. You work your behind off and then one day ( around 4th quarter ) you realize you have grown tremendously as a designer...then you work your butt off some more. It's like G.I. Jane...the tough part isn't getting in...it's getting out.

Hoo-Yah, Chief!

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