Jun 17, 2008

Dope Lyrics- Roots Crew Review "Rising Down"

My friend Esen tells me I have to listen to it, "Black Thought sounds fed up!"। True indeed, I take a listen the first track, and what do I hear but a a recording of the artists arguing with each other. My heart skipped a beat...what?! the roots better not be breaking up, I haven't seen them live in 4 years! Black Thought is my favorite MC hands down. On stage he has an energy that just crackles. This CD seems to be a departure from the norm, With a heavier contributions from outside artist like, Mos Def, Common,Dice Raw & Talib Kweli। The lyrics a little more raw and a little less edible. You're getting straight vegan here, y'all. The lyrics are filled with a lot of frustration and Scarface-like reflection. The tracks are less acoustic. This is definitely an album I'll pop in, when I'm in a certain frame of mind.Esen was right...someone has had it. The songs I'm definitely feeling the most are Rising Up ( with the hot DC style go-go beats) and I Will Not Apologize.
In true Dope Lyrics fashion here are some lyrics that stood out to me:

"Yesterday, I saw a B-girl crying, I walked up and asked 'what's wrong'/ she told me the radio's been playing the same song all day long..." [Chrisett Michelle]

"Real rappers ain't eating, they Olsen Twinning" [Wale]

THE ROOTS (feat. chrisett michelle & wale) Rising Down "Rising Up"

"For the statements I'm about to make I will not apologize
Niggas talk a lot of shit, really need to stop the lies
Jewels rented, cars rented, homie that ain't authentic
Acting tough on TV but to me you seem a little timid
Don't blame the nigga, blame America, it's all business
Acting like a monkey is the only way to sell tickets... "

[Dice Raw]

THE ROOTS (feat. Dice Raw, P.O.R.N.) Rising Down "Rising Up"

The Roots - Rising Up (Feat. Wale & Chrisette Michele)


Anonymous said...

So whats the word? Overall are u feelin' it? You didn't say. I'm really still on the fence. Got to listen to it some more i guess.


Mark said...

The CD is the shit...don't play

Khia_Rocks said...

@ Anonymous. I'm moved by a few of their songs, there is no way i don't love something that Black Thought put some work into. But I'm like you–a few more listens I think and I'll be hooked. Right now I'm just playing Rising Up and I will not Apologize over and over tho. smile.