Jun 6, 2008

Don't Tell Me We Can't Change! He's the Best Mayne!

This video gave me chills, and brought tears of pride to my eyes. YAY Jay Smooth of illdoctrine.com for creating this video! He Deed it ! ( whats up with the D-E-E-D tho, jay? i watched the video and I still don't get it)

"An all-star tribute to Barack Obama, courtesy of Jay Smooth, Dipset, Just Blaze, Eli Porter, Rebecca Sealfon, Cyrus, Morpheus, Nas, and Gabby Johnson (RIP Hedley Lamarr)." From Jay Smooth

If you're getting this thru email...Go to the site You gotta watch this!


Anonymous said...

Baby girl, check this link to find out about the deed it thing.Its about Eli Porter the handicap hip hop king. For real its kind of wrong. It's still funny as hell tho, this obama clip is dope tho.


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaayyyy! The Caribbean loves Obama!