Apr 17, 2008

Stephen Marley's Mind Control

This C.D. was illegally burned and stolen from a wild jamaican after much bartering it made its way back from Atlanta to New York Carefully protected in the pages of Candace Bushnell's "Lipstick Jungle", it is now safely embedded in my Itunes. Usually I wait until i get really familiar with some music before basing my opinion. But I just can't wait. This man's voice scared me-this is the one, this is Bob revisited. Ziggy Marley was ( too me ) a commercial parody and a bit disappointing. I saw him live in Antigua as a kid and I remember sitting in the stands wishing I could go the hell home. But Stephen Marley and Damian"Jr. Gong", have been taking the world by storm and blazing on in their father's legacy with added style. Jr. Gong is easier on the average american and british mans palette, that's fine tho...his talent backs it up...But please don't sleep on Stephen...His voice will make you think Bob is alive and well ( and kinda into hip hop )Mind Control ( early 2007) is in stores now


Anonymous said...

The Marley boys need to get lives and stop living in their fathers shadow.

AMitch said...

Ignoring 'anonymous'... Stephen's ok by me, but Jr. Gong's lyrics are early Bob, and I love his first album in particular. He's got cross-over appeal, but beyond if he's careful he'll be able to continue speaking on issues like poverty and bloodshed to give them international attention. Beyond, the Marleys are pairing with brilliant international artists-- e.g. K'naan's tour with Jr. Gong--who, without the Marleys may not get that break. So they get my dollar all the time.