Apr 14, 2008

Soobax by K'naan

This is a scratchy you tube version( My bad) of one of my workout favorites. K'naan came to NY with Junior Gong and Stephen Marley. I caught him in the paper and have been following him ever since...He hails from Somalia, you can catch him on www.thedustyfoot.com. The lyrics to his refrain:

Dadkii waa dhibtee nagala soobax:
(Translation- you have exasperated the people so come out with it.)
Dhibkii waa batee nagla soobax:
(Translation - The troubles have increased so come out with it.)
Dhiigi waad qubtee nagala soobax:
(Translation- you've spilled the blood so that it drains on the Roads, so come out with it.)
Dhulkii waad gubtee nagala soobax:
(Translation-You've burnt the root of the earth, so come out with it.)


Anonymous said...

Now THIS is music! Rugged...Raw...Relevant!

AMitch said...

I don't know how I first came to K'naan but Dusty Foot Philosopher is brilliant; he's had an amazing historical journey. He's Somalian (not Kenyan) and "Soobax", created as an uplifting war chant almost calling for the end of war and violence in Somalia and telling rebel troops to literally "get out" (Soobax), was included on the Gameboy "soundtrack" for FIFA 06 around the time of the World Cup.

Khia_Rocks said...

I mean how do you KNOW all this random stuff? Lol. I'm going to correct the post to read somalian tho..thank u, good look.