Sep 15, 2008

South African Rap Song Banned for Incitement to Violence

The song ' Get Out' by Zimbabwean-born hip hop artist Zubz has was banned in May 20o8  on the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC. The right wing party called Freedom Front Plus stated that the song contained hate speech. { why am i getting this info so late? My South African links ( Shani, Lion ) you guys are letting me down man}.

The crazy thing is that a lot of these African hip hop artists sound straight out of brklyn...but better because they have MUCH better lyrics. I listened to the lyrics of Zubz 'Get Out', sounds like just another track off of a Nas album to me...whats the big deal? If you play this same song in NY it won't do anything-no riots, just a little barbershop talk. Just another argument not to shoot the messenger.

Dag. after doing research I found out that Zubz apologized in May 2008 for the offensive lyrics. This just takes you back to the age old question started with Malcolm X. Is it wrong to respond to injustice and violence with violence? Isn't that equality and survival? And if you don't use violence to demand and insure justice then what are they supposed to be doing Iraq...well, y'all know what they're doing in Iraq. lol.

Come to the site to check out the video.  Here are some of the lyrics:

Tell my people: {Fight!}
Tell the oppressor: {Get Out!}
You know you really need to
{Watch Out}
See, that condescending tone you adopt when you talk to me
Can get your head blown–Serious { Watch Out}
Mistake my kindness for weakness
Just like your forefathers did
I'll blind you with heat quick {Get Out!}


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