Sep 27, 2008

The Liberal Dream Team

I've been slowing down on the whole blog lately–my bad. I've been too caught up in PalinGate. But I'm back and ready for change. Are you?  How about in the form of my new media SuperFriends Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann ( Keith doesn't give a damn what comes out of his mouth, and I'm glad as long as it's left wing).  And for temperance there is the semi-conservative Chris Matthews. The first openly lesbian pundit, Maddow is sharp, saavy and not afraid to go toe to toe with her peers. Matthews and Olbermann are so opinionated that MSNBC demoted them during the Republican Convention to shut them up. The Superfriends are a force to be reckoned with. All they need is an 'S' on their chests.

I'm doing the casting special so Rachel is my Wonder Woman, Keith is my Batman and i'm casting Chris as the Wizard of Oz ( Just because he has a big head and I'm not always sure if he's the good guy).

McCain is Tickle Me Elmo and Obama is The Green Lantern...'cause he's black.

Go team go.

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