Sep 4, 2008

Looking for New Hip Hop?:)

This Labor Day week(end) has been the jam so far. Thanks to those of you that shared it with me.

I jumped at the chance to interview new talent DJ K-Salaam at B.B. Kings this passed Sat for The Liberator Magazine. Why? His first and second c.d.s are named " The World is Ours" and " Whose World is This" respectively. Weird huh? Plus they feat some of my favorite artists, Mos def, Buju Banton, Sizzla,... So The Liberator sends me in to The Black August Benefit featuring: EPMD, Bilal, Joel Ortiz, Q-Tip, DJ Scratch and many more

I'm all excited I'm press y'all, I'm thinking we're going to be back stage sipping passion fruit mojito's with Q-Tip. Not exactly. Me, my +1 and some guy from MTV were standing outside forever. I had to take off my heels, I was waiting so long. It's cool. Aside from the initial confusion the show was exciting.

The Black August Benefit Concert is put together to support political prisoners. If revolution is your thing, so is this following list of underground hip-hop artists:

1) Rebel Diaz- (The DR (?)) Overall this group of 3 is okay but I really like the girl she steals the show in spanish and English

2)Immortal Technique-(Peru). VERY angry. I like that a lot. He's got a big voice for such a little guy

3)Homeboy Sandman (around the corner)-if you've ever ridden the 'F' train you've seen his stupid flyers...he's actually pretty dope. He's got a 90s feel to him, like The Farside, but on speed & better lyrics

4)Blitz the Ambassador-(Ghana) I liked that he rapped with a live band. Hes a little too much like Black Thought of the Roots, and he knows it. But he's still a hot performance.

5) Joell Ortiz-(Puerto Rico) Any minute now he's going to blow up

6) of course DJ K-Salaam:( Iran ) check him out esp. if you're a reggae fan. I don't know how he did it but he made Sizzla and Young Buck sound good....together.

-never thought i would see EPMD live, thnks The Liberator!-


Brother OMi said...

Immortal technique is a solo artist. just an FYI

Rebel Diaz rocks

Khia_Rocks said...

lol. yeah i found that out when I went to his site...i'm just lazy. i'll change it ltr.


Anonymous said...


Khia! said...

many moons later anonymous...the pic is some random image i thought fit the title...he wasn't at the show. And if my blog was something special he would sue my ass.