Sep 4, 2008

Marijuana, Pu$$y, Cake and Ice Cream

"Mr. Kuti, it has been said that the things you love most in the world....are marijuana...p-p-p-pussy, cake and ice cream. Is this true?" Sahr Nguajah as British Official
"Yesssssssss." Sahr Nguajah as Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

" And now that we've gotten your attention...". Sahr Nguajah

Fela: A New Musical was playing last night. Off broadway is clearly to big for this program. It was amazing. As evidenced by the long standing ovation at the end. Director Bill T. Jones did his thing with this. And he knew it too because after the show he took his shirt off and got down with the drummers. The music was-of course-crazy but the acoustics made it otherwordly, the mixed media photo projections, creative story interpretation, audience dance lesson, drum solos, Sahr Nguajah's very charismatic portrayal of Fela...amazing! The best way to tell it was sick was that after the show we kept getting pulled into conversation after conversation with strangers with big smiles on their faces saying " so what did you think?"

I think it was the bomb. Go See It.

(* mom & dad sorry for the language. -love u)


Brother OMi said...

another reason why i miss NYC

Mike MIKE S. said...

It would be REAL dope if they sold the marijuana, Pussy and cake at the concession stand. If they do that I'm in. let a brotha know.

Barry said...

I'm arriving late to this - but my wife and I just saw this show and loved it.

And Mike, man - it's New York City. You're on your own for MJ, pussy, cake and ice cream, but one of the wonderful things about Manhattan is that you shouldn't have to look *too* hard for any of it!