Jan 3, 2009

I Like How Gaudi Gets Down

Just back from Barcelona and thanks to Lion I've learned about Spain's pride and joy: Spanish Architech Antoni Gaudi.

His work is something else...its kind of wild. His buildings make him look like a hardworking maniac. There is something haphazard about the way he does his thing that I like. For instance all of this totally different stuff comes off of the same building. For his buildings he designed everthing down to the light fixtures and the gates and the doors and the keyholes in his signature look
(he died having only one girlfriend on record never married-who'd have guessed). And he seemed to have more unfinished projects than finished. He walks off a project when the heads involved cramp his style.

As a designer he's my new hero. To refuse to bend to anyone's will and create these crazy pieces in the early 1900s...crazy.


lion said...

Heh sis it was an absolute pleasure hanging out in Barcelona and sharing my appreciation with Gaudi. It's a shame we didn't get to see some of his other work or get to look at it in detail. A little bit of Picasso would have been nice too. Heh we have to go back!


ek said...

He's definitely an interesting guy. Can't get down with his style, but I like his work ethic.