Aug 19, 2008

Emergency Blog:Slant Eyed Spaniards

First off, I want to say this whole thing has caused me a great deal off pain. Three [count 'em] THREE of my friends cursed me raw via email over this. They were up all late at like 2:15 in the morning giving me the digital business. { Drink some damn cocoa and get to bed!} There were exclamation points, curse words, and even other languages. Then after taking me emotionally hostage they demanded that I include this in a blog. So I'm going to say the thing that got me into trouble with them: I DON"T Think the Spaniards were purposefully being racist with this incredibly stupid move. I don't think they meant to insult or even to tease their asian hosts. I think they misguidedly were trying to give the Chinese a shout out, that just went really wrong. I mean why would they intentionally be clowning them? They should just fire the PR guy and call it a day.

Yeah! So what Tish, Chris and Mark...what you got to say about it now? For real though< i'm not putting out a new challenge. Y'all play rough! But I'm loving the passion, as always. Lol!



Rebel Chic designed by Tisha Brown said...

Boooooo! You give these folk too little credit Khia. LIke I said in the emails, they are performing a racist act; not a hate campaign, but they are purposely mocking the Olympic host country as well as all Asian nations. As a blasian, when ever someone "slanted" their eyes at me, it was purely to tease, mock or insult; never to praise, salute or express love. It is racist, they just didn't expect to get called on it.

Khia_Rocks said...

LMAO! Go to bed!

love you, girl!

Khia_Rocks said...

I dunno like I said in the emails. I believe in the human spirit. Even evil things have a reason. There is no need for them to act crazy and aggressive. In fact being that they are rep'ing an International Brand, they have every reason to keep things above board, why stoop to street tactics? I may be wrong, but I just don't think that the "slanted eye" thing is the same for the Spaniards as it is for us.

Email from Bliz said...

Khia -

I'm NOT feeling Spain's basketball team AT ALL. The fact that the teams management and ownership would even allow for a picture like this to be taken, let alone distributed speaks volumes to the amount of myopic, insensitive ideals that have been woven in to Spain's history over the past few centuries.

It is well known that the people of Spain are racist towards to "Brown" or Black" people, but to see this happen on such a grand platfrom only cements the fact that these fuckers have NO sensitivity whatsoever! Some jokes just don't translate well and aren't meant for the masses.

Imagine if South Africa played host to the Olympic games and China's basketball team took a pic in blackface, afros, and donned spears with bones in their noses...NOT COOL, joke or not. All in all, Spain got dealt with and took a huge blow in terms of respect, yet they continue to make excuses for their insensitive actions. Fuck outta here, Spain.

I think when Spain plays host to the Games again, I am going to suggest that the USA Basketball team dress like Moors and take a press pic. I mean if they wanna make a joke we might as well be factual with the reference, no?


Khia's response to Bliz said...

first of all, birthday boy...i thought i was the only black person on earth who used the word 'fuckers', glad to see i'm not....second of all trust me I've had pages and pages of people yelling at me lol. although so far you have been the most eloquent. The blackface concept came up as well, and I cited the 'redskins tomahawk chop' as an example. Back then what the American's did was offensive as hell, but the people doing it didn't see it that way or even do it purposefully. I was just a really insensitive thing to do. My point is i don't think that the spaniards actions were a purposeful diss ( and even the angry people mostly agree to that), that being the case I think that what they did calls for a strong reaction but the label of "racist" just gives their actions an evil intention that I really don't think was there at all. The response should be education not obliteration...( I'm getting all jesse jackson on you now)!lol

Now, I'm about to go back to being all Miami'd out.


Brother OMi said...

that's racism. no matter how anyone, even you tries to explain it away.

posing with slanting eyes is a racist move. ask any asian. they will tell you that.

I am not saying that they are evil mofo's and should be thrown in jail. someone just needs to take them to the side and let them know.