Aug 13, 2008

GRAF ARTIST "KET": Maridueña Mean Mugging the World

Convo over Instant Message Around Oct 2007:

Me: Ket! They called you "prolific", Babes! You're on your way!
Ket: Lol!
(or something like that.)

It may be that I added that exclamation point, because in my mind's eye I'd love to believe that Alain "Ket" Maridueña was at his screen Laughing Out Loud for real. Probably not. The truth is I've spent hours around Ket: In business meetings, at his lecture, in my car... and in all of that time I don't have a memory of him smiling. Ever. The only reason I know the man has teeth is because I've seen him chew food. But I'm still not sure: he could have gummed it and swallowed.

So what were we talking about in the I.M. convo, way back when? In 2007 a mutual friend hit me up and led me to an online news article reporting Ket's recent arrest for insane counts of vandalism. The article's writer was tossing around big words like: "master artist" and "prolific vandal". Go Ket! Now, my reaction may seem strange to some, but I knew that the man who labeled his publishing company From Here To Fame would understand . It's every creative's dream to make his or her mark on the world and Ket's arrest and ensuing media frenzy proved he'd done just that.

Years ago I sat next to Ket in a theater watching some performance art. In the dark I looked down at his arms and on it was tatted the phrase " Yo Puedo Mas QueTu". Loosely translated it's: My Will is Stronger Than Yours. Nice. The tattoo made an impression on me. Intensity and focus are the markers in some of my favorite people in this world and Ket has focus pouring off of him like sweat. It's always been my personal belief that every man ( even the deadbeats ) achieves what he truly strives for. Ket's tat shows me he is striving to take over the world and his resume backs him up: Publisher, Writer, Activist, Lecturer, "Prolific" Graf Artist, Founder of Stress Magazine and Complex , Consultant to Marc Ecko's Under Pressure video game, Producer of animation Three Thug Mice. Ket's got a lot on his mind. Maybe that is why he never smiles.

So what is Ket into now? Who knows! I do know he's busy. Do you know how long this article took to get together??! It started in NY, broke for Copenhagen, picked up in Santa Fe and finished up in F*#k-If-I-Know, U.S.A. The last time i "spoke" to Ket he was texting me party directions from Colombia ( Yes, the country!). Ket is running around the world blessing it with his Mean Mug. And I ain't mad at him.
Well, I'm hating a little, but I ain't mad. Go Ket!


Khia_Rocks: When did you know that this ( art ) would be "what you were about"?

Ket: I am not so sure but in high school I was so fully into it that I could see it being in my future. As I matured I realized that unlike earlier generations of painters that quit when turning 16 because of the legal implications I was just getting started. By the time I started my first business in college and incorporated art into it I knew this was a part of me.

Khia_Rocks: What drives you in your career?

Ket: Wanting to work with friends, on projects that I enjoy, and having to pay bills.

Khia_Rocks: What is biggest misconception people have you you?

Ket: Some people think I am a maniac and violent. Others think I am very unapproachable. I'm just serious about what I do that's all. I like to get things accomplished and have no time for the flim flam.

Khia_Rocks: What is your proudest accomplishment so far?

Ket: Starting and running a respected magazine business that stood for something.

Khia_Rocks: What was the last thing that made you crack a smile?

Ket: My girlfriend photographing me having my favorite dish for dinner today in Santa Fe.

Khia_Rocks: Sigh. I'm going to need you to stop making things up.


Rebel Chic designed by Tisha Brown said...

I love this interview most :-D aside from Ket being my dude, I love the way you wrote it : )

AJasmin said...

I agree with Tisha-- your humor in this one is so on point (Tish- love the earring icon btw). I def have no connection with this guy but the tattoo sold me on him... I'll be following the links.

Mike Synonym said...


Mad Max said...

Hey what up with these three blind mice? or my bad three thug mice guys? who are they and what do they represent?

Khia_Rocks said...

to tell the truth I'm not sure about the 3 thug mice. I'm surprised that is what is picking up the attention tho. i also got some emails. I may see him thurs. I'll ask.


Mark said...

The "smashbombs" tag is ill!. So that pic of dude is at a his gallery show, huh?

Brother OMi said...

Ket is the man
i remember he from Stress Magazine days. I still have the video of when he was on BET Rap City (yes)