Nov 12, 2008

A Cure for AIDS????!!

Cough it the hell up! Big businesses make me ill. People have been thinking cures have existed for decades...and me being the little conspiracy theorist I am...well, you can only imagine whats going thru my head.

A 42 year old American in Berlin has gotten a bone marrow transplant that is usually used for leukemia that has pretty much cured his AIDS symptoms and all sign of the disease. Scratching my head as to why this isn;t front page news. Oh yeah, the republicans are still in office.
(Check out my images-of course these ads come from the French. Smile- I like to keep you folks on your toes.)
See more of the story (here)


/^\ Pharaoh /^\ said...

well whats your conspiracy theory?

Mark said...

Yo! do you see the scorpion death grip with the tail in the back!! I swear I've had a night like that! LMAO!!!

Khia_Rocks said...

Pharaoh, ure trying to get me hemmed up. i wont let it happen! I'll have the FBI knocking on my door if I post the truth. Tell u what, I'll tell u the details on the phone.

achali said...

pharoah check this out:

lion said...

Man you gotta love the French! I even forgot all about World AIDS Day last week. People don't talk much about AIDS in the UK anymore. This might explain why we have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and STDs amongst teenagers in western Europe.

Pharoah I don't have a specific link but Google 'Dr Strecker AIDS' is a good place to start.