Nov 6, 2008

Curtains for Caribou Barbie

In a long drawn out email with friends the topic came up as to whether we should tear Palin down after the fact. My vote is " yes". I was accused of not following the "Obama way". Whatever.

I think the woman is dangerous and the policies that put her into office are dangerous. I think a message should be put out that it's no longer acceptable for people to this country based off of shiny smiles and good looks. So when you find out " Palin doesnt' know Africa is a continent not a country" or " she throws temper tantrums and makes her interns cry" or that 'her spending at Saks was abusive and shocking to the donor whose pocket it raped'. Its important to talk about it and bury her with it, so we never see such an arrogant, careless, and ridiculous candidate in our midst again.

They needed to stop comparing her to Hillary and start comparing her to George Bush.

Bye-bye Barbie.


AJasmin said...

Well said! I cannot agree more-- as you know from my "long and drawn out" exchange LOL. It's insulting that she be compared to any intelligent, hard-working woman, much less Hillary, instead of the dangerously corrupt, incompetent, unqualified politician she emulates. Good riddance.

kuh reel yuh said...

ditto...dueces up!!!

Anonymous said...

What scares me about her is that she had so many people convinced that she was a viable candidate. Not just the far right wackos who turned up at her rallies and blurted out racial epithets, but people who ought to know better. And I'm afraid that now that she has had some national exposure, we may not have seen the last of her.

Khia_Rocks said...

I feel like the people who ought to know better, were just using her thats why the republicans non-base people are turning on her like a pack of rabid dogs. I think ure right DPHNYC, she's not going away but I think she has too many enemies to get very far.


Eileen said...

Well said..

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