Feb 26, 2009

Long Distance Tagging- Get Yours! Palestine

RAMALLAH, West Bank – This is so damn cool -- The newest and most politically charged Graffiti space-the massive concrete barrier separating Israel from the Palestinians.
Over the Internet, a group of Palestinian graf artists ( members of the Palestinian Peace and Freedon Youth Forum) are offering to spray-paint your personal message on Israel's towering security wall in the occupied West Bank.
It costs $40 a message and you can say whatever....just don't get too crazy
I'm doing it...I'm thinking " The World Is Ours!" in all caps...its a chance to be a little part of the hope-making process. And your message will stand until peace reigns... Knowing Israel and Palestine thats gonna be a minute.


"It is a new way to speak with the people, that we the Palestinians exist," says graffiti artist Yusef Njm।