Dec 9, 2008

Coup D'Etat ( Clothing Line Brother Omi will LOVE)

I bought a black and metallic " Teach the Babies" t-shirt in Harlem and then Rocked it to EPMDeee's album release last night.  Eric Sermon and Parish Smith are making dollars again. Peace to D.J. K-Salaam for putting me on the list and spinning a great show..and to Bouncer Mike for making me tell him jokes to actually get inside. 

I bought this shirt because Dan Tres (aka Brother Omi) is always talking about the babies and what they learn.  Now this is when the post gets messed up....Danny ( mi maestro) I ALMOST bought you a tee and mailed it to you.Almost.

...but yeeaah bruh its a recession. So just so you know that I thought about you I'm telling you about Coup D'Etat. Click the Link and Go cop somethin'


Brother OMi said...

its the thought that counts... lol

i purchased from them before. and they are myspace homies.

i need your physical addy

Khia_Rocks said...

i officially give up trying to hip you to ANYTHING!!